Flock Browser: Everything You Need to Know

All the vital information on the discontinued social media browser

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  • The browser is free to download and safe to use with some assuring security features.
  • Flock Browser has been discontinued, but there are other similar browsers with better all-around features.
flock browser
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The browser industry is a very competitive one. Aside from the well-known browsers for all devices, like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox, there are still many excellent browsers.

In the heat of the competition, some browsers could not be continued. Among the many excellent browsers that were discontinued is the Flock browser.

This browser was well-known for its unique features and overall performance. Despite its unavailability, some users still want to know how it works.

This guide will take a closer look into how the Flock browser works, what makes it unique, and every other vital information about it.

What is the Flock Browser app used for?

what is flock browser

Flock browser was first released in 2005, bringing many Web 2.0 features to the user interface.

The early versions were based on the Gecko rendering engine. But in 2011, the browser switched to the WebKit engine.

The browser was popular because it had a social media integration. With this, you could easily keep track of social networks or your webmail at any time.

Additional features included native sharing of content, the ability to preview online videos, a built-in RSS reader, a built-in blog editor and reader, and synchronization with web-based email.

The browser was available on all desktop platforms but was discontinued in 2011.

Who founded Flock?

The Flock browser was co-founded by Bart Decrem and Geoffry Arone in 2005. The browser was built on the Mozilla Firefox architecture focusing on social media and network integration.

Also, the founders hoped that Flock would improve the user experience. Hence, it packed many unique features.

Quick Tip:

Although the Flock browser was great due to its social media integration, other browsers, such as Opera, can provide the same functionality.

Opera has Instagram integration, allowing you to browse your feed and send messages while browsing other websites.

There’s also an integrated messenger that works with Facebook, WhatsApp, VKontakte, and Telegram, allowing you to chat with your friends easily.


Get instant social media integration but with the added security layers of a VPN, thanks to Opera’s clever build.

How do you log into Flock?

Immediately you download and install the Flock browser as a new user, it opens a page to log in and activate your favorite social media accounts.

If you have been using Flock for some time, you only need to close and reopen the browser, it will display the page. From here, you can log in and manage your social media accounts.

Is Flock Safe to use?

When it was active, the Flock Browser was very safe to use. It packed some excellent security features that protect users online.

However, with the ever-evolving internet and hackers finding new ways to attack, the same cannot be said about the browser since it was discontinued. This is because it is no more receiving security updates.

So you will be better off trying an alternative browser.

Is Flock Expensive?

The Flock browser is a free browser that costs absolutely nothing. Although it is no more available via official sources, you can still get the Flock browser apk and installer from third-party sites for Mac and Windows 10 PC.

How do you delete a Flock chat?

To delete your social media chats on the Flock Browser, you only need to follow the steps you use for the app’s web version. Flock does not have any special for the apps.

Instead, it only makes it easier to access and manage them.

The flock Browser was excellent in its time. But now, you might need to consider other frequently updated browsers with similar features for security reasons.

Do you need an in-depth review of the Opera GX browser? Then check our detailed guide for all the vital information you need.

If you have any questions or addition on Flock, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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