Fortect Review 2024: is it safe & worth a purchase?

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Key notes

  • Fortect makes Windows optimization easy with fast scanning and thorough repairs.
  • Easily replace missing system files and clean out the junk in just a few clicks.
  • In this review, learn all about Fortect's features before committing to a premium plan.
  • Scan for free to see what Windows problems can be fixed.
Fortect Windows optimizer

It can be annoying when your PC performance grinds to halt and errors start popping up. Before you throw in the towel and buy a new computer, an optimizer could be the solution for you. 

In a few simple steps, Fortect gets your system back to peak performance. But from $28.95, is it worth it? We think so.

While PC optimization can be a vague concept with lots of false promises, Fortect uses a straightforward approach with clear results. It fixes the registry, replaces system files, identifies malware damage, clears junk files, and applies other performance tweaks.

What’s more, the interface is clean and easy to use, and a full scan takes less than a minute. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Is Fortect legit?

Is Fortect safe to download and run? We’ve tested the software on multiple Windows OS with no negative consequences.

There are a lot of questionable products in the Windows repair field, but Fortect is a legitimate tool, which will soon hit its second generation. Using we can see the software is clean of threats.
Note: The 0 detects result was given after testing the install file that downloads onto your computer.

Fortect safety comparison

Furthermore, take into account that reputable website TechRadar gave it a 4.5/5 starts in their review, as well; and MSPowerUser lists it as one of the best PC Repair Software tools to use on Windows 11.

Fortect pricing

Fortect can be used for free to scan your computer or laptop for Windows problems, but to apply all fixes you must purchase one of its premium plans. Here are your options:

  • $28.95 Basic – This allows you to fully repair your system one time.
  • $33.95/yr Premium – 1 license with unlimited use for 1 year, including email support.
  • $46.95/yr Extended – 3 licenses with unlimited use for 1 year, including email support. 

All plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk if you decide it’s not for you.

Fortect PremiumIOLO System MechanicAVG TuneUpIObit Advanced SystemCareAshampoo WinOptimizer
[Price comparison for similar yearly plans]

Fortect is very well-priced, especially considering it provides clean replacements for damaged files instead of just trying to tweak them back to health like many similar tools.

Get access to a robust and safe repair product and help your device run smoothly by maintaining it with healthy operating system files.


Keep your system at its peak performance and give Fortect a try.
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Fortect tool suite

The suite contains a wide range of tools in one simple interface. First, it scans important areas of the system, then categorizes all the problems for repair. There is some overlap between categories, but each is useful for understanding the type of problem at hand. 

You can repair it one by one or fix everything in one go. This streamlined approach means you’re never fumbling around trying to find the right tool to use. 

Hardware profile

Computer performance is linked to hardware, not just the Windows operating system. While Fortect obviously cannot replace your hardware, it provides a useful summary so you can see what you might need to upgrade or reconfigure yourself.

Fortect hardware profile

It detects your motherboard, CPU, memory, and graphics card. You can also view the total memory available, processing power and the number of cores, hard drive speed, and temperature.

For example, if the total memory listed is different from the number of RAM sticks installed, this suggests one could be malfunctioning. If your CPU temperature is really high, you may need to consider new fans or re-seating the CPU.

One neat feature is a comparison of your hardware to that of the average user. This is a good indicator of when it’s time to upgrade to a more modern setup.

Registry cleaning

The Windows registry is an essential component of the operating system and contains settings and data that Windows, applications, and hardware need to function properly.

Over time it can become cluttered with outdated entries. Parts of the registry can also become corrupted due to improperly installed software, malware, and human error.

Many Windows problems can be traced back to the registry, so it is important to keep it tidy. However, it is tough to learn how to do this safely. Deleting the wrong keys can do more harm than good. 

Fortect registry results

Fortect finds all the junk, damaged areas, and missing values, and repairs them accordingly. This involves removing what isn’t needed and restoring everything to its original condition from its repository.  

We consider it to be one of the best registry cleaners for the newest Windows 11 OS.

To put it into perspective, our test scan found 733 issues. It would never be possible to find and fix all these using Windows’ built-in registry editor. We wouldn’t even know where to start.

Replace missing DLLs

DLL files allow different Windows applications and third-party software to share features. However, if these files get deleted, it can render all the programs that rely on them unusable. This is just one type of file that Fortect can fix and it does as good a job as any standalone DLL fixer.

For example, the DLL from the screenshot below was deleted on purpose because it is a driver that supports Windows Kernel, thus being a potential cause for a BSoD. We re-scanned the system with Fortect. It found it and restored the missing DLL file (wintun.dll).

Fortect find missing DLLs

Once it identifies a missing DLL during a scan, it simply pulls a fresh version from its up-to-date database of Windows system files. During our test we purposely deleted wintun.dll and Fortect was easily able to replace it.

BSoD fixer and other Windows errors

Fortect can also fix the blue screen of death (BSoD) error, which forces Windows to reboot. While this doesn’t solve physical hardware problems, it does cover most instances when the operating system itself is damaged. This also covers failed Windows updates.

The benefit of using Fortect is you don’t have to hunt down your Windows installation disc or drive to do a regular Windows repair. This takes a long time and can force Windows back to its default settings. 

Fortect uses its own database to replace vital system files. Your personal files, user settings, and programs are not affected. 

If your system won’t reboot at all after a BSoD or other error, Fortect can be launched in Safe Mode.

Malware damage and unwanted programs

Viruses and malware leave traces and damage behind even when you have removed the threat with antivirus software. During a scan, Fortect identifies any changes to the system caused by malware, including damaged or missing system files. It then replaces these files, reverting back to the pre-infected state.

It also detects potentially unwanted programs (PUP), such as bad software, spyware, or programs that can modify Windows. It does not delete PUP right away, because these programs might have a legitimate function. 

Fortect Malware and PUA

For example, our test scan discovered a game cheat engine. This does alter files and processes, but only to change the gaming experience, so it’s safe to skip this one. 

While Fortect won’t give you real-time protection or a deep malware scan, it’s the perfect companion tool for other reputable antivirus software.

Crashed programs

Fortect crashed programs

When programs regularly crash, it’s a sign there’s something wrong with the software or the system files they use to function properly. Fortect pulls the event log and summarizes all Windows processes and third-party applications that have unexpectedly crashed in recent months.

Junk files

Junk files are temporary files, logs, caches, and other files that are no longer needed by the operating system or its applications. They are created by Windows and other programs and take up valuable storage space on your hard drive. Junk files can slow down your system’s performance over time.

Fortect file cleaning

Fortect locates all of these and lists them along with their folder path. This lets you decide whether any are worth keeping. It will also calculate the amount of space to be cleared.

Privacy traces

Fortect’s privacy traces refer only to your web browser caches. Many may already be familiar with clearing this data, but for those that aren’t, this provides a quick way to free up space and improve browser performance. 

Fortect privacy tweaks

It’s beneficial for privacy because your browser cookies and cache can contain personal information used by web trackers, but it doesn’t do anything special.

Is Fortect worth using?

When it comes to repairing and optimizing Windows, Fortect is up there with the best and is definitely worth using if you’re experiencing errors and performance issues. Let’s face it, how many of us can successfully edit the registry or find the right DLLs and system files when things go wrong? Even Windows’ native tools require a lot of time and technical know-how.

If you’ve never used a PC optimizer, Fortect will find a lot of problems that have built up over time. In this case, you might be tempted to use the one-off license, but it’s much more cost-effective to go for the yearly premium.

That way you can keep it on your PC and maintain performance with regular scans. You’ll benefit from future updates, such as a browser extension that is in the works. The software also recently partnered with Avira to expand its antivirus capabilities.

It’s the software’s simplicity that stands out from the crowd. Rather than bombarding you with different tools, it finds all the issues automatically and then lets you repair everything or choose what to fix from its straightforward categories. 

Scanning takes less than a minute and repairing everything rarely exceed 30 minutes.

Fortect Pros and Cons 


✅ Detects a comprehensive range of Windows problems.

✅ Lightning quick scanning speeds.

✅ Simple two-step scan and repair process.

✅ Fixes BSoD and finds missing DLLs.

✅ Maintains its own database of millions of Windows files and components.


❌ Does not provide full antivirus features.

❌ The privacy fix only clears your browser cache.

Wrap up

Fortect is a no-nonsense Windows tune-up utility that can quickly get your computer back on its feet. Whether you need to find a few missing system files or recover from something more critical like the blue screen of death, its scan and repair approach couldn’t be easier.