Avira Phantom offers free VPN service on Windows 10

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Chances are you’re looking for a free VPN service for Windows 10 — one that works and works well. It’s not easy to find a VPN service that is able to keep up and be free at the same time, but that could be a thing of the past now due to the Avira Phantom.

There are several benefits of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), but the most notable one is security. If you’re interested in securing the data that goes over the web, then VPN is the best option right now. For those who are not too trusting of the NSA after the surveillance fiasco in the past, VPN is here to help.

As the name suggests, Avira Phantom comes directly from the German anti-virus developer Avira. The program will work on Android and Windows PC, but there’s no word on a version for Windows 10 Mobile. We love this VPN service because it encrypts all connections between a Windows PC and the network. Not every VPN services go this route, and we’re happy Avira Phantom does.

Using VPN Phantom:

When downloading Avira Phantom, the launcher is what you’ll see first. After that, users are required to click on the VPN tab to download the actual software. Yes, this is an inconvenience and we hate when software developers do this, but there’s no other option.

After installation, take a step to the Settings area and select the country of your choice. The supported countries are US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Poland and the UK. To secure your network connection, just simply click on “Secure my connection” and watch the magic happen before your very eyes.

While Avira Phantom is free, it only gives 500MB worth of data transfer per month. Most people will use 500MB worth of data in just a few days. However, should you register, Avira Phantom will throw in an extra 500MB, making it 1GB of free data transfer for the month.

For those who require more, a yearly subscription costs $77.99. This should give folks unlimited data transfer for an entire year. In fact, this is the option we’d recommend over the others, especially for those who stream video content on a regular basis.

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