Microsoft’s Fluent Design icons for Android on GitHub

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  • Microsoft has added to GitHub a set of Fluent Design icons for mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.
  • The company offers open-source Fluent Design frameworks, enabling developers to create immersive software UI experiences across multiple platforms.
  • To learn more about the ongoing Windows 10 UI/UX overhaul, check out the Fluent Design page.
  • Don't hesitate to visit the Microsoft page for the latest updates on products from the Redmond-based tech giant.
GitHub Fluent Design mobile icons

Microsoft has added to GitHub a set of Fluent Design icons for mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

The fluent design concept came to the fore in 2017. It epitomizes Microsoft’s long-haul endeavor to harmonize the UX experience across all its platforms, from Windows 10 to Xbox.

Microsoft isn’t doing this on its own, though. So, the tech company has been empowering developers with Fluent Design resources and tools, such as controls.

In turn, it’s enabled developers to create Win32 apps sporting the new innovative UI design language.

Microsoft Fluent Design icons for mobile

Microsoft made the Fluent Design project open source to enable as many developers as possible to participate in it. It’s already provided the frameworks necessary to create immersive software UI experiences that stay consistent across different platforms.

The company has said before that it provides these resources so that developers don’t have to start from scratch.

Fluent is an open-source, cross-platform design system that gives designers and developers the frameworks they need to create engaging product experiences—accessibility, internationalization, and performance included.

Now that a new Fluent Design icon set for mobile platforms is available on GitHub, you can quickly get started on creating beautiful user interfaces for your Android or iOS apps.

The entire package includes symbols like directional arrows, phone call, app lists, battery status, Bluetooth, and much more.

Fluent UI icons for Android/iOS

In addition, these Fluent Design icons are available for download right away.

The journey to overhaul the UX across all Microsoft products is certainly protracted. Nonetheless, the company has severally offered a glimpse of the anticipated transformation.

It keeps rolling out lively Windows 10 icon or app UI enhancements to insiders, for example.

We also know that Microsoft is working to give the Windows 10 Start menu a facelift that includes Fluent Design app icons.

What you think about the Windows 10 UX overhaul currently underway? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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