GoDaddy Office 365 review: What is it and how to set it up?

by Vlad Constantinescu
Vlad Constantinescu
Vlad Constantinescu
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  • Since Microsoft and GoDaddy's partnership in 2014, the latter started selling Office 365 monthly and annual subscriptions through its platform.
  • You can purchase such a subscription (multi-year) straight from GoDaddy at a lower price. However, there are several differences between the two products we're discussing.
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GoDaddy Office 365 review
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Since Microsoft and GoDaddy’s partnership in 2014, the latter started selling Office 365 through its platform. You can purchase such a subscription (multi-year) straight from GoDaddy at a lower price.

At first sight, it might appear like you’ve struck gold, but the reality is somewhat different. Let’s rewind for a bit.

Office 365, which is now called Microsoft 365, is a cloud-based service brought to you by Microsoft. This service lets you access Office apps such as Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Access.

GoDaddy Microsoft 365 does not exist

Just so you know, GoDaddy never dropped the Office 365 name. So, in order to avoid any confusion in this article, we’ll refer to Office 365 as GoDaddy’s version, and Microsoft 365 will be Microsoft’s version.

There are also some other subtle differences. For instance, Microsoft 365 includes Windows 10 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, whereas Office 365 only bundles Office-specific tools.

GoDaddy Office 365 vs Microsoft Office 365

We’ve already established that there are a bunch of differences between the two products we’re discussing. The name is the most obvious one and the fact that Microsoft 365 also bundles additional software and options.

What does GoDaddy Office 365 include:

  • 5 licenses for the desktop versions of the office applications
  • An Office 365 email address based on your custom domain
  • GoDaddy sign-in portal for Office 365
  • Simplified (fewer) administrative options
  • Custom control panel
  • 1 TB cloud storage space
  • Initial promotional price, after which it’s $14.99/mo.

What does Microsoft 365 include:

  • All Office 365 benefits
  • Windows 10
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • All administrative options
  • Original control panel
  • 1-year custom domain for free
  • 1 TB cloud storage space
  • Office apps on phones and tablets
  • $14.99/user/month for monthly plans or $12.5/user/month for annual commitment

How to set up Office 365 on GoDaddy

  1. Go to the GoDaddy portal
  2. Purchase an Office 365 subscription
  3. Sign in to your GoDaddy account
  4. Access the Email & Office dashboard
  5. Choose the domain you want to associate your email with
  6. Create the email address you want (choose a username and a name)
  7. Define a password and type it into the designated box
  8. Type your previous email address in the Send account info to field
  9. Hit the Create button
  10. Once you’ve created the Office 365 Email, go to the GoDaddy Office 365 sign-in portalGoDaddy Office 365 portal
  11. Log into your account using the credentials specified above (email + password)

GoDaddy Office 365 pros and cons

If you choose to go with GoDaddy Office 365, you’ll benefit from features such as:

  • One-click setup (regardless of the plan you choose)
  • Select your domain, register it, and receive email address suggestion
  • Custom admin panel simplifies the full suite of Microsoft productivity tools
  • Purchasing a multi-year plan costs less than Microsoft’s version

However, reportedly things aren’t so great in reality, as many users reported experiencing various integration-related issues. Namely:

  • Signing in through the GoDaddy Office 365 UI, it triggers various token authentication errors (SSO)
  • Sometimes, certain apps such as Outlook, and Bing require you to log in over and over again
  • Poor tech support that suggests contacting Microsoft for more technical issues
  • Inability to upgrade Windows 10 from the control panel (no option)
  • Confusing password reset procedure (attempting to reset the password takes you to the GoDaddy portal)
  • The custom admin panel lacks a lot of options, which makes it (paradoxically) harder to use
  • Fewer Office 365 options than Microsoft’s version

Thus, if you’ve already purchased an Office 365 subscription from GoDaddy, the only logical action would be migrating to Microsoft 365. However, this is a tedious process and you will require aid from GoDaddy’s customer support.

GoDaddy Office 365 seems to be more for less

The bottom line is, even though GoDaddy Office 365 might be cheaper, it’s mainly because it’s a lighter version of the original product. It offers lesser functions, custom administration options, and is reportedly still more complicated to use.

If you purchase a multi-year Office 365 subscription from GoDaddy, you might figure it’s cheaper than buying a Microsoft 365 subscription directly from Microsoft. However, in the long run, you might realize that GoDaddy charges you more for less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s a GoDaddy-specific plan that provides you with custom domain-based professional email, sync-able contacts, calendar, and 10 GBs of email storage.

  • You can set up an Office 365 email easily by choosing a domain, creating an email address, defining a password, and choosing a previous email to receive the credentials.

  • You can sign into GoDaddy Office 365 by heading to the official website and using the Office 365 email and password combination.