These leaked photos of the GPD Win 2 will make you fall in love

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GPD Win 2 mini pc

The GPD Win, a micro PC that works off of the power provided by Atom tech, was the tiny precursor to the upcoming GPD Win 2. While there isn’t much official info available, some details have been leaked by Phawx, a YouTuber that managed to get his hands on the new model.

The original GPD Win

The original GPD Win concentrated its efforts on providing its users with a great video gaming experience through its support for on-the-go game emulation as well as custom controls.

The laptop came with analog controls and controller buttons, albeit considerably different in scale and positioning, at the top of the bottom laptop panel, above the regular keyboard.

It would seem that the second iteration follows the same design principle, keeping gamers in mind.

GPD Win 2 specs

  • The device comes with a screen that measures six inches
  • Overall, the device seems to have a much more polished look,
  • While nothing official has been confirmed, there are rumors the device features the Core M3-7Y30 processing unit
  • There is also a considerably larger battery

The cost problem

For those that like video games, this sort of hardware is considered a must-have purchase. The problem, however, is that they simply do not provide that much utility or functionality when their qualities are stacked up against the price tags. That is a major problem as people don’t really want to spend a large amount of money for what can be easily considered a vanity purchase.

Hopes for lower prices

GPD Win 2

Both the GPD Win and GPD Pocket have received impressive reviews and an overall positive reaction from users. With that in mind, it’s realistic to hope for a price reduction so that the devices are brought down into the $300-$400 pricing range.

It will be interesting to see what comes next and how this new form of tech will take flight once more devices are made available. The GPD Win 2 is a promising mini-gaming-laptop gadget and, provided there’s a growing audience for such innovations, users can expect more iterations to be released in the future.



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