Windows 8, 10 Game GTA: San Andreas Appears in Windows Store

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Back at the end of December I was only speculating about the moment when Grand Theft Auto will finally get launched for Windows 8 users in the Windows Store. It seems that the moment has finally come as the game has shortly appeared in the Windows Store.
grand theft auto game windows 8
I didn’t manage to catch the moment when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had finally launched for Windows 8 users in the Windows Store, but many of our readers have tipped us about the release. The game has already been pulled down by Rockstar and GTA iFruit remains currently the single app in the Windows Store. But our readers managed to inform us that it comes with a 1.84GB size and that the game will cost $6.99, like the Windows Phone version.

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GTA San Andreas game finally launched in the Windows Store

The famous Rockstar game comes with remastered graphics, enhanced lighting and improved character models. Personally, I think that this is a very important moment in the evolution of the Windows Store, as it will show that big companies like Rockstar have trust in its potential. Being able to download a game that can be enjoyed both on 32 and 64-bit processors along with ARM means that desktop and touch devices are targeted, which isn’t possible on Android and iOS.

Since this isn’t your ordinary mobile game, you will need at least 1GB of RAM to run it, but if you already own one of the best Windows 8 tablets for 2014, then you won’t have any problems in playing it. We will include the link to the official GTA San Andreas game in the Windows Store as I am almost sure it will soon get officially released. We will be informing you when that happens.

Besides touch and keyboard control, there is also the option of using a controller with it. Once it gets officially released, it will definitely be among the best, if not the best Windows 8 action games in the Store. It’s also interesting to observe that Microsoft has also featured the link to the official Surface Twitter account.

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game for Windows 8 

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