Halo Infinite to follow Fortnite by adding free credits to its Battle Pass

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Halo Infinite will provide its Battle Pass system, rewarding players with in-game credits by the time Season 2 of the game starts.
  • 343 Industries has temporarily removed Big Team Battle-specific challenges from weekly lists.
  • Prior to releasing a hotfix, 343 Industries addressed concerns from fans about Big Team Battle matchmaking.
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As part of its Battle Pass system, the Halo Infinite video game will begin rewarding players with in-game credits by the time Season 2 of the game starts.

One of the major criticisms of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is its high cost to unlock cosmetic items, in addition to the lack of ways to earn credits while playing.

Fortnite and other games that distribute content through a Battle Pass or Season system typically offer in-game currency and items as rewards for completing certain tasks or reaching season milestones, so it was odd that Halo Infinite launched without such a feature.

Many players are familiar with Battle Pass systems, as these systems have become common in other games.

Free credits

“Thanks to your continued feedback,” 343’s Jerry Hook posted on Twitter. “We are happy to confirm Credits will be earnable in Season 2’s Battle Pass. That means you will be able to earn credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression. We’ll have more to share on this as we get closer to Season 2.”

Halo Infinite creative director has spoken more about the game’s revised monetization scheme. In an update to Halo Waypoint, Hook said 343 Industries had begun rolling out changes to how items are bundled and priced in the Store, with the focus of the new system on “reducing pricing across the board.”

Halo Infinite season 2

Later this week, individual items will begin showing up for sale in the Store. The second season of the video game Halo Infinite is expected to begin in May.

Halo developer 343 Industries began addressing concerns over Big Team Battle matchmaking before the studio announced plans to release a hotfix to fix the issues.

343 Industries has announced that it will remove the Big Team Battle challenges for a period of time to solve the issues associated with them. However, this change will not take place until the next Weekly Challenges cycle.

The Halo Infinite developers have made several adjustments and changes to the game since its launch in late-2021 such as reducing the cost of cosmetic items, developing strategies to combat cheaters, and adding new playlists.

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