Halo Pro League ESL Fall season starts on September 14

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The Summer 2016 Halo Championship is now over, and fans are already heading over for the next challenge. ESL and 343 Industries just announced the autumn season that follows in the eHalo Championship Series. The announcement includes some new open events, new formats and a roadmap for the full season.

First things first, the Fall 2016 season will start on the 14th of September. The Roster locks for this season will soon appear in North America, on the 25th of August, and have already appeared in Europe on the 21st of August. The format for the fall season will be the same as the HCS Pro League season. However, there will be some changes indeed made to the broadcast time slot.

As such, regular match days will start on the 14th of September and will be taking place on every Wednesday and Thursday starting at 11:30 AM PT, which is 7:30 PM BST in Europe, and 4:30 PT in North America. All the action will be available on twitch.tv.

The EU HCS Pro League finals will take place on December 3-4 in Leicester, UK, at the ESL Studio One. One week later, the NA HCS Pro League Fall Finals 2016 will be taking place on December 10-11 in Burbank, California, at the ESL Studios.

Moreover, whoever wants to get into the Halo eSports can do so in the HSC Open Circuit in this fall season. In Europe, the ESL is taking care of this, while in America, PGL is responsible.

Two live events will show up in the calendar for the Fall 2016 season. One of them is the HCS Orange County by Esports Arena that will take place on October 7-9, which offers $20,000 for a 4v4 tournament and $5,000 for the free for all competition. The second event is the HCS Las Vegas by PGL, happening on November 18-20 and offering $25,000 for the winner of the the 4v4 event and $5,000 for the free for all event.



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