New Hololens version expected in 2017

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HoloLens fans are about to receive some good or bad news about their favorite product, depending on how they choose to interpret it: Himax Technologies Inc., purveyor of augmented reality products, experienced a drop in its share price last month because one of their major clients dropped an order. This client is supposedly Microsoft.

The news comes after Donnie Teng, an analyst at Nomura, changed the rating for Himax from  “buy” to “neutral” after he saw that HoloLens suffered weak shipment numbers. Today, Tom Sepenzis of Northland Capital Markets added his opinion, declaring that there was a small chance for the company to have a positive result, or at least until the last half of the CY17. This lead to a further 3% drop in the Himax’s share price.

They think this mysterious primary customer is decreasing its orders for WLO and LCOS types of components, which would mean at least a $60 million loss in CY16 revenue. This is a less than the $90 million forecasted and will definitely influence the CY17.

However, there is some good news too. Sepenzis declared he expects Microsoft to come up with a newer version of HoloLens that will go on sale in the last half of next year. In his opinion, this would be a more refined version of the product. However, we don’t know whether Microsoft will solve some of the major problems users have complained about with the HoloLens, namely its price and the field of view it offers. Many hope it will finally find a solution — and that it might happen with the next version of this product.



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