Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2 [Gamer Guide]

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Key notes

  • Many users are struggling with choosing between Horizon Forbidden West and Breath of the Wild 2, but they don't have enough details about each of them.
  • Keep in mind that both games are following similar open-world scenarios.
  • We recommend going for that option that supports the devices and platforms you're constantly using for games.
  • Don't forget that Horizon Forbidden West can sometimes run into troubles, so it's important to know how to deal with them.
Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2 [Gamer Guide]

Choosing the best game might be one of the hardest decisions you have to make and it seems like tons of worldwide users are struggling with this kind of situation.

Our research indicated that many players are interested in discovering what is the best option between Horizon Forbidden West and Breath of the Wild 2.

Some users are not interested in investing in two different games. Plus, it seems like a wide range number of them also do not have sufficient time to spend on two masterpieces.

We’re here to present everything you should consider about Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2. So, at the end of this guide, you’ll definitely know what to choose.

Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2: General approach

Horizon Forbidden West

This game was recently released, but it is no longer a surprise that it offers a one-of-a-kind experience every time gamers decide to access the action open-world of Aloy.

For those of you who already tried the Horizon Zero Dawn version, keep in mind that Forbidden West is no more than the second part of Aloy’s journey.

If you’re not already familiarized with Horizon scenarios, keep in mind that the protagonist is Aloy, a Nora brave, seeker, and machine hunter of unparalleled skill.

She leads enormous companions groups and the game places you in a dying land, with vicious storms, and different impressive battles, making your experience one of the best you’ve ever had.

Post-apocalyptic California, Utah, and Nevada create an awesome video-game experience, where players are able to explore wider and deeper into a huge and well-organized map.

You can also engage in strategic battles against dangerous machines and mounted human enemies by using weapons, gear, and traps.

Breath of the Wild 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is the in-development Nintendo Switch exclusive any gamer wants to experience as soon as possible.

However, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be in any great hurry to lay all its cards on the table. In this matter, we’re still waiting for confirmation of its official title and the specific release date.

For the moment, all we know related to that highly-anticipated release date are rumors that it could be in the latter half of the year.

Keep in mind that Internet users already came up with some fan theories based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 E3 trailers.

So, going back in time is one of the speculations. The music at the start of the 2019 BotW 2 trailer sounds reversed, which led some to believe that this is a clue, perhaps the BotW 2 story starts by going back in time.

The two Links are other aspects you should consider. This theory is strongly related to the 2021 BotW 2 trailer.

There we can see Link in the normal Hyrule wearing his traditional clothing and hairstyle. However, Link in the floating island realm is wearing a new set of clothes and loose hair.

In these terms, many gamers are wondering if he just changes his look or if floating island Link actually Links from the past.

The Secret Zelda is another important theory. Again, floating island Link could not be Link at all. The loose hair is not too long, and we already saw Zelda with shorter loose hair in the 2019 trailer. It’s not unlikely that BotW 2 will feature both Link and Zelda as playable characters.

Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2: Main Differences

1. Supported devices and platforms

Horizon Forbidden West

Keep in mind that Horizon Forbidden West is only available to play on the latest PlayStation versions, like PS4 and PS5.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a game that would work on PC, you should go for another masterpiece.

Breath of the Wild 2

When it comes to Breath of the Wild 2, worldwide players will only be able to run it on Nintendo Switch.

2. Size requirements

Horizon Forbidden West

If you’re wondering what are the Horizon Forbidden West size requirements, do not forget that it will take around 90 GB on PS5.

However, there are variations depending on the region. In the US, the PS5 edition is around 87 GB with the day one patch installed.

Breath of the Wild 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will require around 14GB of free space if you wish to download the game to your Nintendo Switch.

Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2: Reported issues

Horizon Forbidden West

It is no longer a surprise that any game or software might sometimes generate specific problems. We’re here to highlight the most popular issues that you can encounter while running Horizon Forbidden West, as follows:

Breath of the Wild 2

Of course, similar to Horizon Forbidden West, even if Breath of the Wild 2 is a newly released game, it can also run into some troubles:

  • Breath of the Wild’s lack of traditional dungeons – When worldwide gamers are asked about their BOTW 2 complaints, the lack of traditional Zeldastyle dungeons is the first thing that comes up.
  • Breath Of The Wild’s Unimaginative Boss Fights – In other terms, keep in mind that it is a similar complaint to the lack of variety found in BOTW‘s Divine Beasts. However, the game’s boss fights are an even more egregious example of a lack of creativity. 

So, we hope that this guide helped you with choosing between Horizon Forbidden West vs Breath of the Wild 2.

Are you still questioning which is the best option? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and we will come up with any detail you need.