Find HTTP reverse proxy toolkit, open-sourced by Microsoft, on GitHub

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  • Fancy a special toolkit, crafted for developing high-performance HTTP reverse proxy applications?
  • You're in luck, as a team of developers has provided availability for such a bundle over on GitHub.
  • Know that this is actually called Project YARP and it's open-sourced by nonother than Microsoft itself.
  • We'll provide all the information there is on this software, and also the GitHub download link.
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We’re going to start this article with a question. Are you looking for a toolkit for developing high-performance HTTP reverse proxy applications?

Well, if that’s the case, we can show you one that is even open-sourced by the Redmond tech giant itself. And, if your next question was where to find this software, the answer is GitHub.

Let’s dive right into it and see what all the excitement is about, concerning this reverse-proxy toolkit.

A new reverse proxy toolkit is available on GitHub

This initiative is actually called Project YARP, which stands for Yet Another Reverse Proxy, and is dedicated to creating a reverse proxy server.

Creators stated that they found a bunch of internal teams at Microsoft who were either building a reverse proxy for their service or had been asking about APIs and tech for building one.

Thus, the ones involved actually decided to get them all together to work on a common solution, which is, you guessed it, this project.

YARP is a reverse proxy toolkit for building fast proxy servers in .NET using the infrastructure from ASP.NET and .NET.

Note that the main differentiator for YARP is that it’s been designed to be easily customized and tweaked to match the specific needs of each deployment scenario.

Developers also said that they expect YARP to ship as a library and project template that together provide a robust, performant proxy server.

Its pipeline and modules are designed in such a way that you can easily customize the functionality to suit your specific needs.

And, while YARP supports configuration files, the main expectation is that many users will want to manage the configuration programmatically based on their own backend configuration management system.

YARP will also provide a configuration API to enable that customization in-proc and is designed with customizability as a primary scenario, rather than requiring you to break out to script or having to rebuild from source.

You will find all the details you need about this project by visiting its GitHub page. Also, for regular updates, see the official releases page.

Is this a tool you were looking for? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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