I2P Browser: Everything you need to know about it

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
Deputy Editor
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  • There are many great web browsers available, but not many are focused on user privacy and security.
  • I2P Browser is one of those privacy-oriented browsers, and in today’s article, we’re going to show you what this browser can do.
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I2P Browser

Protecting your privacy online is important, and one way to do it is to use a secure browser.

Many users are using I2P Browser for this purpose, so today we’re going to show you what this browser is and what it can do.

What is I2P Browser and how to use it?

1. What is I2P Browser?

I2P browser

I2P is a software bundle that allows you to easily use I2P applications and browse I2P websites. The application is simple to use and it’s optimized for new users that don’t have much experience with I2P.

I2P Browser has various security enhancements that will protect your privacy. The browser will block third-party trackers and protect your privacy online.

There’s also support for private P2P file-sharing thanks to the integrated I2PSnark BitTorrent client. The browser also allows you access to private email addresses which might come in handy.

Although I2P Browser offers some great features, its development is currently on hold, and the current version of I2P Browser isn’t up to date and it’s considered unsafe to use.

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2. What are I2P Browser alternatives?

If you’re looking for a good I2P Browser alternative, Opera might be a good choice. The browser has its own tracking protection, so it will block tracking cookies and scripts and improve webpage loading time.

Opera also has a built-in ad blocker so you won’t have to deal with ads, as well as cryptojacking protection. For an additional layer of security, there’s a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth available.

The browser also has a Crypto Wallet, so it can work with cryptocurrencies out of the box. As for additional features, Opera has a personalized news feed that you can customize with your own RSS feeds.

There’s also advanced tab management and the ability to organize tabs into workspaces. Opera is available on all major platforms, so if you need a secure and reliable web browser, feel free to try it out.



If you're looking for a web browser that balances privacy and security with a stable user-base, then look no further than Opera.

I2P Browser is an interesting project, but since the browser is currently out of development, we suggest that you stick to more reliable browsers.

FAQ: Learn more about I2P Browser

  • Is i2p better than Tor?

Both I2P and Tor have their advantages, but I2P provides a more reliable and robust network and security.

  • Is i2p safe?

I2P isn’t as developed as Tor, and some users are concerned about potential security issues.

  • What is i2p darknet?

I2P is a decentralized anonymous network that is similar to the Tor network.

  • How do I install i2p on Windows 10?

To use I2P on Windows 10, you need to use I2P Browser, but since it’s outdated, it’s advised to download I2P Firefox Profile and use it instead.