Intel 8th-gen Core desktop chips come with ultra-high definition entertainment

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Intel 8th-gen Core desktop chips

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Intel’s new 8th-gen Core chips include six cores on the high end, extends all the capabilities that users loved in desktop platforms. The processors are created with advanced innovations that deliver exciting new features to immerse users in amazing experiences in various form factors.

Check out the new Intel 8th-gen chips

Intel launched six new chips:

  • Intel Core i7-8700K: 6 cores/12 threads at 3.7 GHz, it can boost to 4.7 GHz, and it will cost $359.
  • Intel Core i7-8700: 6 cores/12 threads at 3.2 GHz, it can boost to 4.6 GHz, and it will cost $303.
  • Intel Core i5-8600K: 6 cores/6 threads at 3.6 GHz, it can boost to 4.3 GHz, and it will cost $257.
  • Intel Core i5-8400: 6 cores/6 threads at 2.8 GHz, it can boost to 4 GHz, and it will cost $182.
  • Intel Core i3-8350K: 4 cores/4 threads at 4 GHz, it has no boost skills, and it will cost $168.
  • Intel Core i3-8100: 4 cores/4 threads at 3.6-GHz, it has no boost abilities, and it will cost $117.

The new 8th-gen Intel Core processor family features

According to Intel’s press release for the new 8th-gen Core processors, they will feature the following:

  • An amazing portfolio of standard and unlocked systems for a vast range of usages and performance levels.
  • New system acceleration when you pair them with Intel Optane memory for incredible system responsiveness.
  • Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology to provide users a performance boost.
  • Intel Hyper-Threading technology that will allow each processor core to improve the multitasking experience, to speed up workflow and accomplish more in less time.
  • DDR4 RAM memory technology support which allows systems to have up to 64 GB of memory and up to 2666 MT/s memory transfer speeds.
  • The capability to set an overclocked ratio with unlocked processors when you pair them with select chipset SKUs to provide you more control and more granularity for overclocking the platform.

Intel attacks one of AMD’z Ryzen advantages

One of the essential offerings of the AMD Ryzen has been the additional cores included at the same price point as Intel chips. By adding more chips of its own, Intel is making itself more competitive and will probably manage to cut into one of Ryzen’s selling points.

Check out the complete details of Intel’s new cores on the company’s official press release.



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