Intel Innovation 2023: AI takes over the stage

AI is at the forefront of the Intel Innovation 2023 event.

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Key notes

  • Two words: AI PCs, and they will run locally, without having to connect them to the Internet.
  • Intel will also release the Meteor Lake processors on December 14th.
  • Plus, Intel Developer Cloud is now generally available to everyone.
intel innovation

As you might know, on 21 September, Microsoft will hold a special event, and the Redmond-based tech giant will most probably unveil the next Surface products, and other AI features coming to Windows.

But, until then, Intel Innovation is happening on 19-20 September, and the tech giant will focus on Siliconomy. This new concept integrates AI into the economy, to create a better future for the world.

Siliconomy: a better future with the help of AI

We recently covered Siliconomy, which is the future of technology that Intel envisioned. On the first day at Intel Innovation, Gelsinger briefly touched on the subject, mentioning it several times regarding AI.

Intel wants Siliconomy to bring economy and technology together to offer a sustainable approach to the way people live their lives.

AI is part of Siliconomy, together with 4 other technology developments:

  1. Compute – For everything there is a computer, and it defines the way we look at and experience the world.
  2. Connectivity – Everything and everyone is connected.
  3. Infrastructure – Technology is creating a dynamic reliable path for data storage and connected computing.
  4. Sensing – Breakthroughs in low-cost, high-resolution sensors create massive amounts of data from smart devices at the edge.
  5. AI – which in Gelsinger’s words, turns infinite data into actionable insights.

Intel Innovation 2023: The most important announcements

AI-enhanced processors are the future

Intel Innovation 2023 saw the announcement of several AI-enhanced processors including:

  • Intel Gaudi2 and 3;
  • 4th Gen Intel Xeon;
  • 5th Gen Intel Xeon;
  • Future-generation Xeon processors: Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids.

Intel also brought up several partners that already used these processors in their businesses. Alibaba, for example, is using the AI-based Xeon technology to innovate their business to the next level, including their own AI model, Tongfei, which reached a 3x acceleration in response time due to them.

What is also worth mentioning is that Intel and are building an AI supercomputer that will most likely rank in the top 15 in the world. The supercomputer will use the intel Gaudi accelerators.

Intel Developer Cloud will be generally available everywhere

Besides Siliconony, Intel now allows general availability to the Intel Developer Cloud, Intel’s cloud-based services. The rule is simple here, the Intel Developer Cloud works on the developers’ innovation

The Intel Developer Cloud services allow developers a faster way to build, test, and deploy AI models on the latest Intel CPUs, GPUs, and AI accelerators. Developers can also use the latest tools to enable advanced AI technologies and performance.

The Intel Developer Cloud has a Premium version, but also a Freemium version with limited features, most probably. Plus, the attendees of the event are lucky: they will receive 1 free week of access to the Intel Developer Cloud.

The services will also provide access to the latest Intel hardware platforms, such as 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, starting December 14.

The next era of PC: the AI PC generation

The AI PC is a game-changer moment in the history of technology, according to Gelsinger.

And the AI PC is deemed as a superpower. Intel showcased a situation where the AI PC turned text into a Taylor Swift-like song. It was all done on a regular PC. And Intel envisioned a different AI tool, one that can run locally on your device, without the need to connect it to the Internet.

This was arguably one of the biggest announcements on the first day at the Intel Innovation. And with it, Intel has joined the AI channel properly.

Intel Core Ultra processors (Meteor Lake) will come out on December 14th

Meteor Lake will be the first EUV-enabled process node. Intel 4 will power the CPU cores.

Plus, Intel’s chips will bring AI to Windows Acer Laptops in the future. Acer even showcased its Meteor Lake laptop running Stable Diffusion to make live modifications on the innovation

Here’s the Xeon Roadmap for the year ahead.

As AI consumes a lot of power, Intel is coming with Xeon with E-core, coming in 2024. It will have 2 processors with an astonishing 288 innovation

Rewind AI: a virtual trip into your past

Intel also presented the Rewind AI app, which is an AI tool similar to Windows Copilot, but it’s very time-centered. It will record and document all your activity on your device, and it will display all the things you did at a certain moment in the past.

But don’t worry, Rewind is a personalized AI, that works locally, even without an Internet connection. So you will be safe, as your information won’t risk an online leak. Even so, Rewind AI will work best when it’s connected to the Internet, however, the app should be entirely safe.

Intel Innovation 2023 is all about AI PC

Gelsinger, Intel’s CEO, also showcased a situation where an Intel-powered AI PC transcripted people’s speeches while running locally.

Hybrid AI finds a home at Intel, as the tech company will release Hybrid AI SDK in 2024. Enhancing performance and accessibility, these Hybrid AIs will work locally, meaning they don’t have to be connected to the Internet. They will be based on OpenVIVO, Intel’s AI deployment innovation

Deep Render is the video compression solution of the future

Deep Render running on Meteor Lake’s built-in AI engine compresses video 5X better than any other solution on the market.

This could be the video compression solution of the future and it’s entirely AI-based.

Intel displays the world’s first UCIe-enabled processor at the Intel Innovation 2023 event

The processor will power the next-gen chipset designs. Below you can see how it looks, presented by Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger.

These are the most important announcements at the Intel Innovation 2023 Day 1.

What do you think about them? Are they exciting?

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