Intel’s rebranding may start with a new Microsoft product

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • A short video clip featuring Microsoft's CPO Panos Panay ended with a new Intel logo.
  • Panay hints new products between the two companies and Larkin could be the code name for one.
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A new Microsoft device could help Intel's rebirth

It’s not a secret for anyone who knows a little bit about the market that Intel is not walking on rose petals right now. After they delayed the production of their 7nm chips, they need any nudge in the right direction.

And that is coming from the obvious place, their old friends from Microsoft.

Panos Panay could hint Intel’s rebranding

The famous leaker WalkingCat posted a clip on Twitter featuring Microsoft‘s CPO Panos Panay who is reinforcing his belief in the partnership with Intel.

Mostly it’s about things that we already know about the two companies collaborating better than ever but in the end, Panay is hinting something interesting:

I think that energy that energy between our two companies comes together tenfold when we’re working together and thinking about what that might be. And we see that today, we see it in the future products that we’re making.

Of course, that means that we should expect new products from the two companies working together. But the CPO’s short speech is not ending with Microsoft’s logo but with Intel’s logo.

A new Intel logo.

What device could be next for Microsoft and Intel?

That’s where another tweet from WalkingCat could help. He is asking if Larkin is a Microsoft Surface code name.

Microsoft Surface devices are, of course, landmark products born from the collaboration between Microsoft and Intel so we’re just trying to connect the dots here.

Another user reinforced the hypothesis of Larkin being a Microsoft Surface code name by saying that writer Mary Jo Foley could have said that in a Windows Weekly episode.

Is Intel rebranding? Will we see another secret device marking that rebranding? These are just guesses but they stick together pretty well right now.

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