JFrog Artifactory Review: Your private Docker registry

by Alin Lazar
Alin Lazar
Alin Lazar
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  • This review will focus on JFrog Artifactory, a great private docker registry service.
  • Artifactory makes managing Docker images easy for both Enterprises and home users.
  • Automation features will take care of any problems and ensure premium end results.
  • Still not convinced? The software can be used for free for up to 30 days.
jfrog artifactory review

A Docker registry is a centralized and distributed storage system where Docker-named files and images can be stored to ease the software development process.

They contain multiple versions of the same file so developers can work hassle-free without worrying about creating the same images again and again.

A Docker registry is made up of Docker repositories. The repositories containing all the versions of a specific image or file.

The company JFrog developed an end-to-end solution that covers the full lifecycle of your Docker registry, allowing you to manage development, analyze vulnerabilities, do continuous integration and delivery, and control artifact flow and distribution.

What does JFrog Artifactory provide?

The JFrog platform provides unlimited access to the Docker Hub and the Docker Official Images. This will result in simplified cloud-native application development without the usual Docker Hub image pull limits.

The service is available to SaaS cloud JFrog Platform subscribers, including free subscriptions offered on AWS, GCP & Azure.

SaaS subscribers to JFrog’s DevOps Platform offered on AWS, GCP & Azure will get unfederated and unlimited access to the Artifactory Docker Hub.


Multiple secure, highly available Docker registries

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Artifactory Docker Registry allows users to create lots of Docker registries per instance. You can also use local repositories as private Docker registries to share the images across your entire organization.

Additionally, proxy and cache remote Docker registries with repositories, and aggregate them under a single virtual Docker registry to access everything from a URL.

Confident Docker production

The Artifactory REST API allows companies to create fully automated Docker promotion pipelines by only promoting Docker images that pass certain quality assurances at every stage.

This way, the resulting image that ends up in the production systems or downloaded by end-users has been fully tested and approved by the automated process.

Go fully automated with the REST API and JFrog CLI

The REST API has an extensive number of features available during the development cycle, allowing you to automate UI processes.

The JFrog CLI simplifies and optimizes automation scripts to make them more efficient, more readable, and easier to maintain.

Ready for Enterprise

Artifactory provides premium stability, accommodating any number of users, and offering massively scalable storage that can sustain terabyte-laden repositories.

Moreover, security is ensured thanks to the advanced replication options, facilitating disaster recovery anywhere in the world.

Build optimization

Artifactory removes any internet or networking-related issues when your Docker images are accessed through local repositories. The CI servers or the developers will not encounter any problems.

Universal Solution

Artifactory is a universal repository, it supports all major package formats, providing the same fully-featured management for any technology.

It also has integration for all the major build tools, CI servers, thus sitting comfortably at the heart of any development ecosystem.


JFrog Artifactory has 4 different price plans, including a free one, a business-oriented one, and custom offers depending on your needs.

 Each plan has different features, the free one is the most limited, obviously, but still good enough for an individual or small startup use.

 You can check everything they have to offer on their dedicated page. It also contains a comprehensive comparison between all the plans.

Jfrog Artifactory

Jfrog Artifactory

A great end-to-end Enterprise solution, covering the full lifecycle of your docker registry.
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Closing thoughts

JFrog Artifactory is a secure and reliable DevOps tool, having lots of useful features for Enterprise Dock Registry management.

The company provides a multitude of price plans catering to different users, and having different price points and features.