The 22000.160 build for Windows 11 brings a new set of system issues

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Key notes

  • Microsoft released a new preview build for the upcoming OS.
  • Windows 11 now runs, for Dev and Beta, on build 22000.160.
  • KB5005189 brings with it new and annoying system bugs.
  • The new operating system will release at the end of 2021.
kb bugs

Were you already thinking that once we’ve moved on to a brand new OS build all our problems would just vanish? Well, you might want to think again because, even though some issues were fixed, new ones appeared.

In this article, we will focus on reporting all the bugs that ruin our experience, when talking about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

So let’s dive right into it and see exactly what we will have to deal with on build 22000.160.

Windows 11 build 22000.160 system bugs and issues

Low ram and GPU speeds on Windows 11

It’s not uncommon for some users to notice that their device’s performance has been seriously affected, while they actively test Windows 11.

And although most of the time, this issue manifests itself through longer loading times or just some stuttering, sometimes this can turn into a real headache.

So if you are experiencing awful FPS drops, freezes, and other similar behavior, you might want to rethink your Insider strategy.

But we’re not saying that this is necessarily a result of how the machine is rigged up. Windows 11 is still in its testing phase so it’s far from being a perfect or stable experience.

Not all software functions on Windows 11

We know this to be an issue ever since Microsoft first released Windows 11 as a preview build, for us to test.

Not much has changed since. Even though some of the apps that didn’t work in the beginning are now usable, many still can’t be installed on the new OS or simply won’t start.

So, if you were looking to make some modifications to your PDF using White Out, we advise that you find some other software that does the same job and give that a try.

According to user reports, the White Out app will not function properly on Windows 11 and the only result you will get from trying to run this app is a giant headache.

It’s a situation we have to accept, for the time being, considering that the operating system is still in its testing phase.

We know, it’s frustrating to play this roulette game every time we install new programs on our device but there won’t be long until we won’t have to.

Apparently, there is a way you can make White Out work, but it’s not guaranteed. Next time you want to use it, run the program in compatibility mode Windows 8.1.

Inserting or removing peripherals causes OS to stutter and freeze

Yes, Windows 11 is far from being a stable experience, but many didn’t expect the OS to have such a reaction when they are simply plugging in their phone or gamepad charger.

When doing so, on the new build, the operating system quickly becomes extremely slow, freezes, and then comes to a stop.

We advise you to expect such problems and prepare for them in advance.

What this means is, if you also have important work to complete on your device, Windows 11 might not be the best choice of OS.

Users are still getting BSoD and GSoD errors

What? You thought we moved up a couple of builds and now everything is candy and rainbows?

We are sorry to disappoint you, but the situation is far from pink, as far as Windows 11 is concerned.

The OS is still glitchy and incomplete and still causes critical failures on Insider devices, even when it’s supposed to be on stand-by.

According to constant user reports, even your Windows 11 powered device is not doing anything at the time, and it’s on lock screen, your system will crash just as bad as if you were trying to game.

So don’t be alarmed if you go through such an ordeal, as it is not your device’s fault, it’s Microsoft’s upcoming OS.

Speakers won’t work anymore on Windows 11

Out of all the other problems that we’ve started having ever since we installed the preview version of Windows 11, this has to be one of the most impactful ones.

Yes, this might not fry your motherboard or reset your entire system, but having no sound is just as bad for some people.

Some users realized that, after installing Windows 11 on their device, they have absolutely no sound coming out.

I understand that Windows 11 is still in Beta but I’m just trying to see if anyone has a solution to this. I use a HyperX Cloud 2 headset via USB. It works fine in every application, except Teams (legacy…not the preview). In Teams, I get a message during calls which says “Your speakers aren’t working. Switch to a different device or try reconnecting this one.” It used to work fine in Windows 10. And I can also hear every audio, including Teams’ own call ring sound. However, as soon as a call gets initiated, the above message pops up and I cease to hear audio. My microphone audio gets transmitted though. Any fixes for this?

So, if you also installed the new OS, make sure you test your check out your sound options, and perform a test, before trying to enjoy your favorite Youtube video or Netflix movie, to avoid disappointment.

The upcoming operating system causes strange behavior on some devices

While we are struggling with sound issues, blue screen errors, and Store bugs, some people have it a lot harder.

Installing a new operating system isn’t the walk in the park many thought it was. There are users that are unable to use their devices anymore, after performing the above-mentioned action.

Although this problem isn’t a widespread one, it’s still something that shouldn’t happen, even on a beta version.

Nobody is sure what the root cause of this behavior is but everyone is hoping that Microsoft will fix it soon, so they don’t have to go through the same ordeal.

Windows 11 does not function when RAM sticks are changed

We’re taking another trip back to the dark and strange side of Windows 11. Here’s an issue that has even experts puzzled, as to what went wrong.

One of the users that decided to become an Insider and take the future OS for a test drive, noticed that he needs more RAM power in order to run it.

So he decided to buy some additional RAM memory. After installing it though, Windows 11 doesn’t function as it should anymore, as he shared on Reddit.

The ram is detected and appears to function normally, but windows 11 does not. It loads into windows but there is no start menu, no task bar and desktop icons are not functional. Task manager says explorer.exe is not running, but it cannot be started up manually. Strangely the same exact thing happens if I simply put the functioning original ram in a different PCI slot.

Remember that Windows 11 is still in its testing phase and, most likely, even after Microsoft considers it ready for the market, some bugs and issues will make still be there.

Taskbar completely broken after installing Windows 11

In another social media post related to Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, the user didn’t even feel the need to use words in order to explain his situation.

All he did was post the picture below and let everyone else draw their own conclusions. And although this is not the first time we see broken taskbars, after a Windows 11 installation, this one is worst than the others.

Don’t be alarmed, because Microsoft is surely working on a fix for this nuisance. We’re saying this because the most common bugs affect the taskbar, Start menu, and File Explorer.

So after so many reports, Redmond developers are bound to do something and rid us of these headaches.

It’s not ideal, but it’s something we have to go through, in order to ensure a more stable, safer, and complete experience in the near future.

Remember that Windows 11 is set to release towards the end of this year, so time is short and bugs are many, so it’s crucial that Microsoft eliminates each and every one of them.

In the meantime, let’s not forget to report these issues and lend the Redmond company a much-needed hand.

What other bugs or issues have you encountered while testing Windows 11? Let us know in the comment section below.

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