Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 announced, here’s how to qualify

by Milan Stanojevic
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With season 3 of Killer Instinct finally available for Xbox One and Windows 10 users and the already nice bundles you can check out to go along with its release, details are now emerging regarding the qualifiers for Killer Instinct World Cup 2017.

Brandon Alexander, head of the Killer Instinct World Cup, made the official announcement today. In it, he listed what needed to be done in order to qualify for the World Cup; namely, any gamer with a Xbox One or Windows 10 PC must enter the series of 8 Bit Beatdown Tournaments first. (You can do so by following this link.) Here’s what else the executive said:

We just announced our Online KIWC Qualifiers: the KI Pro League and the sanctioning of the 8 Bit Beatdown tourtnaments! Both are FREE to enter and is open to anyone via Xbox One or Windows 10 PC! To register for 8 bit beatdown and KI Pro League (until the KIWC site is up and running) go to

I have some more ways for you to qualify from the comfort of your own home! In KI we have something awesome called Ranked leagues and once you achieve Killer Tier you can start competing for Top 32! Well I am happy to announce that all of Top 32 will receive KIWC Points again for the Season! Let the grind begin!

Offline tournaments for this KIWC season are also going to be available. It’s important to note that Kombo Klash events are the only way to earn points offline for KIWC 2017. Here’s how the complete list with locations looks like:

  • Texas Showdown (4/22-24, Houston, Texas)
  • Northwest Majors (4/29-5/1, Des Moines, Washington)
  • Combo Breaker 2016 (5/27-29, St. Charles, Illinois)
  • CEO (Community Effort Orlando, 6/24-26, Orlando Florida)
  • Kombo Klash (8/6-7, San Antonio, Texas)
  • Absolute Battle (8/26-28, Dallas, TX)
  • Heart of Battle (12/2-4, Houston, Texas)
  • Kumite In Tennessee (1/6-8/2017 and location TBA)
  • Kombo Klash Netherlands (Date and location TBA)
  • Kombo Klash France (Date and location TBA)
  • Kombo Klash Canada (Date and location TBA)
  • Kombo Klash Community Choice (Date and location TBA)

Furthermore, once you achieve Killer Tier in the ranked leagues, you can start competing for the top 32 spots. Those in the top 32 will then receive Killer Instinct World Cup points for the season.

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