Lake game hidden achievements guide - How to get all of them

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Key notes

  • Lake is a relaxing game about escaping the day-to-day city life
  • You play as Meredith, a 40-something that ends up filling in for her dad as the local postman
  • If you have around 6 or 7 hours, you can definitely beat all of the 10 hidden achievements

Lake is a game about taking a break. About escaping from the busy day-to-day city life and getting away from computers or phones and getting back in touch with your social self.

You take on the role of forty-something Meredith, who returns from the big city to her quiet hometown. She exchanges her busy career at a software company to fill in for her dad, the local mail carrier.

If you’d like to learn more about the game and what we thought of it, be sure to check our review!

🏆 Amount of achievements: 10 (all hidden)
⏲️ How long to beat: around 6-7 hours
🎮 Platforms: Windows, Steam, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S

Higher Ground – 100G

Reach the hill with the church. (Secret)

You can get this achievement on your first working day. Simply drive to the end of the thin road not far from where you start at the post office. On the top of the hill is a white church and when you drive up to it, the achievement should unlock.

Cat Lover – 100G

Help Mildred by taking Mortimer to Burt (Secret)

On your second working day, one of your stops will be at Mildred, the cat lady. She’ll tell you about her cat Mortimer, who’s feeling sick and ask you to drive him to Burt, the fisherman. When you accept to bring him, the location will show up on your map.

The next day, you can simply drive back to Burt Mackey’s house and pick up Mortimer. When you bring him back to Mildred, the achievement will pop.

Tower Watcher – 100G

Climb the watchtower (Secret)

Drive to the Watch Tower, as marked on the map, and go all the way up. Upon reaching the top floor, the achievement should pop.

NOTE: If you choose to meet Kay at the Watch Tower during the story, you’ll also go up there automatically, but this will not be enough to trigger the achievement, even though it will now show up on the map.

Movie Carrier – 100G

Help Angie by delivering the moviebox (Secret)

On September 4, you’ll have to deliver a package at Angie’s Flick Shack, a movie rental place. She’ll ask to meet you at your house, agree to this. When you meet up later, she’ll ask you to help her with a marketing idea and bring a portable movie box to townspeople so they’ll warm up to the medium.

Your first stop will be Lori at the garage, the location will show up on your map. Simply deliver the box and help her choose a movie, it doesn’t matter which one she ends up picking, but if you want, you can allow her to see Nightmare On Elm Street at your place and build a better bond with Lori (not required for the achievement)

The day after bringing her the movie box, you can pick it back up at Lori’s. You’ll then need to drive back to Angie’s Flick Shack to exchange the movies.

Your next stop is Burt’s lakeside house, the one we visited to drop off the sick cat. Again, you can help decide which movie he will watch (I went with Jaws).

Wait a day and you can pick up the movie box at Burt’s. When you bring it back to Angie, the achievement will pop.

Workaholic – 100G

Help Steve out both times (Secret)

Most evenings, you’ll get a phone call from either your parents or your boss Steve. Whenever Steve asks to help him out, like looking at his proposal or signing papers, simply choose the options where you do what he asks.

After the second night where you do as he requests, your achievement will pop.

Metal Detector – 100G

Talk to Andy the detectorist (Secret)

Your best bet to find Andy is in the fields near the farm on Friday 4 or Saturday 5 September. He’s usually not far from the road leading up to the farm. I found him on a day where I had to deliver a letter to farmer Jack and he was practically crossing the road as I drove by.

I highlighted his location when I found him on the map:

Shutter Bug – 100G

Help Nancy by testing the photo camera (Secret)

On September 5, go to the general store near the post office and talk to Nancy. She’ll complain about being asked to develop photos and having to test the camera herself. Offer to take pictures in her stead.

As long as you are in possession of the camera, you can press Y to use the camera it. You’ll need to take 12 pictures in total. When you are ready, bring the camera back to her.

NOTE: I was unable to give her the camera the same day. I think you can hand it off any day after that, but don’t wait too long as she’ll need a day to develop the photos.

When you’ve submitted your camera roll, come back the next working day and she’ll ask you to pick a photo to submit for the contest. Right after making your choice, the achievement will pop.

These next achievements all pop at the end of the game, just before the credits roll. Be sure to make a save file at the end of September 12, your last working day so you can load it for the other endings.

Each one will take about 20 minutes of playing from this point because there are a lot of unskippable cutscenes

Free Spirit – 100G

Leave in the RV (Secret)

You’ll have to deliver a letter to the campground at some point, which is where you will meet Mickey and June. Be nice to them and choose to say goodbye when they leave for Canada and they’ll give you their RV.

This also ties into the “Angie romance option”. Basically, be as nice to her as possible throughout the game and when she asks to kiss or hug, say yes. On the final day, Angie will show up and ask you to leave with her in the RV. Simply choose yes and way until the achievement pops just before the credits roll.

The romance is not needed to get the achievement, you can also leave in the RV on your own. But we can all agree, this is the nicer ending, right?

NOTE: This achievement was bugged in the pre-release build. Make sure to have the latest updated version of the game before attempting this one.

Hometowner – 100G

Stay in Providence Oaks (Secret)

If you choose to stay during the final conversations, it should pop. If you choose to leave and have Frank drop you off at the airport, Robert will drive up to you and give you a final chance to stay.

This is the “Robert romance option”. Basically, be as nice to him as possible throughout the game and choose to help him with the anti-deforestation campaign by doing paperwork with him and recording the campaign message on the radio.

NOTE: It’s possible to trigger this without romancing Robert, but you can play it safe. There is also no risk of being friendly towards Angie as well, the only defining choice happens at the very end of the game.

Life In The Fast Lane – 100G

Go back to the big city (Secret)

At the end of the game simply make every possible decision that says you want to stop working for the post office and go back to the big city as a programmer instead.

Both Angie and Robert will probably try to stop you, so choose the options where you turn them down. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the credits sequence. You’ve earned it!

That’s about it when it comes to Lake achievements. Some of them are easier to spot while others are a bit more tricky, but you can definitely get them all if you closely follow our guide.

If you have any other questions or you need some extra steps for completing any one of these achievements, don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the section below and we’ll make sure to help you out!