Lava Helium 14 is a new cheap 14-inch Windows 10 laptop retailing for $230

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There’s nothing new in seeing companies branch out from their original business plan and start doing or making things that don’t fit their usual bill. That seems to be what’s going on with Lava, a smartphone manufacturer from India. Brands like Asus or even Lenovo have made the reverse transition and went from making laptops to also providing smartphones.

But is the other way around a plausible business plan for Lava? The company surely believes so, as it’s preparing to launch their new laptop called the Lava Helium 14.

We won’t be able to thoroughly inspect and grade the device until it comes out, but people can easily make an educated guess as to what’s going to be the market reaction to the new laptop.

People are already speculating on the success of the new Helium 14 laptop based on the released specification sheet which shows all the components that the new laptop is going to ship out with. Here is an overview of what to expect from Laval Helium 14:

  • Windows 10 Home operating system;
  • Full HD, 14.1 inch display;
  • Intel Atom processing unit;
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • Internal storage capacity ranging between 32 GB minimum to a max of 128 GB through the use of a microSD card;
  • 2 MP camera unit;
  • 10000 mAh battery unit;
  • Total weight of 1.4 Kg.

Of course, even the most excited consumers were a bit confused as to what to feel in regards to a brand new laptop coming from a smartphone manufacturer. To help out with that, the product head of Lava International, Gaurav Nigam, also made a public statement which was meant to further convince people of this new product’s legitimacy. Those that want to check out Nigam’s statement can do so below.

The launch of Helium 14 is an important milestone in the journey of Lava as a major Indian smartphone brand. It reiterates our commitment to continued innovation and is a testimony to the fact that we understand consumer needs. It is a handy device for smart business owners, young professionals and students, enabling them to become more productive while being lighter on the pocket.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact the new device will have on the market, especially considering its specifications. It’s obviously not going to be the laptop equivalent of a flagship killer, so it’s more than likely going to be aimed at a budget or mid-level market selling point.



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