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  • You can find a very good selection of letter recognition games online for, all ages.
  • We made a short list with the best resources where you can find such games, so scroll down to the main article.
  • For adults, you can find a good selection of recommendations in our Online Games section.
  • Explore the topic even more by taking a look at our Gaming Hub.
letter recognition games online

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Letter recognition games or alphabet games are useful for pre-school or primary school children to help them recognize letters and how they sound. Additionally, they can be used as an alternative to similar educational activity books, workbooks, or coloring books.

The aim of such games is to improve children’s reading and writing skills.

You will find plenty of games online. They come in various difficulty levels, they can be static or with more action, and some are focused on specific letters or letter types.

Most of them don’t just train the recognition skills, but also the hearing and matching capabilities, and even digital tracing skills. One can even say that some games resemble certain word games that adults play online.

Note that these games can expose your child to a longer period of time in front of a computer/tablet/phone screen.


Best letter recognition games online


alphabet games

Abcya.com is a website with a good variety of letter recognition games for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children.

For each game, in the right-upper corner of each thumbnail, you can see the recommended grade. Many games are suitable for more stages.

Most of them are puzzle-type games.

The owners of the site even included strategy or skill games for all ages they address, including pre-kindergarten.

Try some games on Abcya

ABC Match

abc match

ABC Match is a letter-matching game offered by ReadWriteThink, in which children have to match letter cards and picture cards that begin with the same letter.

The purpose of the game is to accelerate the learning process for how letters sound, and so to also create the path for better reading skills.

The game comes in two player modes – with or without timer.

What is interesting is that kids can’t turn upwards all cards in a category. They can only see an object card and then a letter card. This way they can also memorize where they’ve seen a certain letter.

Play ABC Match

Alphabet Tracing Game

alphabet tracing game

Alphabet Tracing Game on Learningapps.com is exactly what its name says – kids train their digital drawing or tracing skills, using both capital and lowercase letters.

The board is wide and clean enough to keep them focused. Children can use various colors and an eraser, in case something doesn’t come out as it should.

There’s no background music or any type of sound when the letters are finished or upon turning the page.

Play the Alphabet Tracing Game

Alphabet Games

letter recognition games for free

The Alphabet Games on Education.com are an excellent resource of all kinds of letter recognition games for various ages, similar to our first suggestion, but perhaps cleaner in terms of design and arrangement.

Games are grouped by grades, by subject, and by core. Inside the Alphabet category, you can find games grouped by letters. This way, you can direct kids to certain games as they are learning the alphabet.

Play some Alphabet Games

With such a good selection, it will be hard to unglue kids from the computer.

We’d like to hear your opinion on this selection; use the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • One of the best ways to teach letter recognition is to read the words while also showing the child an image of the same letter. They first learn to recognize the sound, and then to match the sound with the image and thus to recognize a letter.

  • Most common letters are also the ones that a child should learn first. They depend on each native language. For English, these usually are s, a, t, i, p, n.

  • Learning resources say that teaching children lowercase letters first allows them to recognize their symbols more easily especially if they are also exposed to their printed versions.

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