5 Best Lightweight Browsers To Use On Windows Tablets

Choose a fast browser that offers several built-in features

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Key notes

  • Some browsers use too many resources, but today we're going to show you the best lightweight browser to use on a Windows tablet.
  • Browsers for Windows tablets offer the same features as a regular browser and you shouldn't notice any differences.
  • Also, find out the best browser for Surface Pro.
Find the best browser for Windows tablet
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Windows tablets have become extremely popular in recent years, with many ditching regular computers for them. And it only makes sense to use the best browser on Windows tablet for the best experience.

If you have an entry-level tablet with low performance, you can encounter low storage or memory issues. An effective solution is to use only lightweight apps.

In this article, we have listed 5 of the best lightweight browser apps you can download for the Windows tablet.

Which browser is best for Surface Pro?

Surface Pro is a series of advanced tablets, and most popular browsers are compatible with it. However, if you were to look for the best browser for the Surface Pro Windows tablet, we recommend Opera One.

The browser’s functioning is flawless, and you will not likely encounter lags or performance-related issues. Also, Opera One is not a resource hog, so it wouldn’t slow down the tablet or affect the functioning of other apps.

Besides, Opera One offers a wide range of built-in features to enhance security and deliver a seamless browsing experience. It comes with a built-in VPN and Adblocker. We recommend giving it a try!

Does a mobile browser work better on a tablet?

Most browsers designed for mobile would work perfectly fine on a tablet and are almost identical. You may notice a few minor differences in the UI or other components.

And whether a mobile browser would work better on a tablet depends on the one you go with. But, we would recommend sticking with the tablet version, if one is available, to stay clear of compatibility and other trivial issues.

What are the best lightweight browsers for your tablet?

Opera One – Simply the best

Opera One is one of the world’s most popular browsers that works on almost any platform.

The browser comes with its own ad blocker, so you won’t have to deal with any ads. It also has a workspace feature that lets you organize your tabs.

Opera One also has a built-in free VPN for an extra layer of privacy, so if you need a new and reliable browser, be sure to consider Opera One.

Opera One

If you need a reliable, secure, and lightweight browser, Opera is the best choice.

When using an Operating System developed by Microsoft, why not try their browser as well? Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers for Windows tablets.

It doesn’t consume as many resources as Chrome, offers several built-in features, and you can always rely on Add-ons for the ones that don’t come built in.

Also, it lists the best coupons and discounts available on websites and can help you solve mathematical problems, in addition to a bunch of other useful functions.

Get Microsoft Edge

Brave – The most secure browser

Brave is the first choice for those concerned with privacy and security on the web. Major corporations rely on it to achieve secure communication and transactions.

It is one of the best browsers for Windows tablet mode, blocks all ads, and is one of the fastest available options. Also, it offers rewards for viewing curated ads that can easily be redeemed. If it’s security and privacy that concerns you, Brave Browser should be your first choice.

Get Brave Browser

Firefox Quantum – Ideal for privacy and super fast browsing

If you are used to Firefox’s regular version or the PC version, there is a Firefox Quantum version you can use as a lightweight browser.

Firefox Quantum is one of the best browsers for slow tablets, and if you have one, this particular browser would be a great choice.

It comes with enhanced privacy measures, is super fast, and is constantly adding new features. Though the browser is only available in certain regions, so make sure to check if you qualify.

Get Firefox Quantum

Avast Secure Browser – For enhanced privacy and security

Avast Secure Browser being mentioned in the list of the best browser for Windows tablets list might come as a surprise to many, but it seems to have gotten all the critical aspects right.

It comes with a built-in ad blocker for a fast and uninterrupted browsing experience, prevents websites from tracking your activity, and offers a Bank Mode to keep your banking data secure. Besides, the security and privacy settings are all placed together for easy access.

Get Avast Secure Browser

These are the best browser for Windows RT tablet, each offering unique features and benefits. Choose the one that matches your requirements.

Also, find out the best browsers for Android with low resource consumption.

If you have any queries or would like to recommend a browser for Windows tablets, drop a comment below.

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