How to link your Android/iOS device to Windows 10

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Sharing your mobile experience on your Windows 10 PC can be now easily performed thanks to a new feature that was recently added by Microsoft.

If you didn’t know, within your Windows 10 System Settings window you can now access a new feature that ensures complex linking functionality between an Android or iOS powered smartphone and your computer.

Well, in this article we’ll show you how to properly use this new functionality and link your own Android / iOS handset to Windows 10.

How to link Android / iOS phone to Windows 10

  1. On your computer press Win+I hotkeys.
  2. From System Settings click on Phone.
  3. Next, click on the Add a Phone button.connect android device windows 10
  4. On the next window you will have to enter your phone number that corresponds to the device that you want to link to Windows 10.
  5. So, enter your number and check your smartphone as you will receive a link that will take you to Google Play Store or iOS App Store, depending on which type of smartphone you are using.
  6. Follow the link and then download and install Microsoft Apps and Microsoft Launcher in order to enable the Continue on PC functionality on your smartphone.
  7. Keep in mind that you have to log in using the same Microsoft Account on all your devices.
  8. So, now install Cortana on your smartphone (through Microsoft Apps) and run the software.
  9. Under ‘Upcoming’ you can access the Connect button which will link your phone to the associated Windows 10 system.
  10. Now, on your computer access the Phone settings again; there, you should see your phone listed which means that the connection was successfully established.
  11. Go back to your smartphone and from Cortana go to Settings and choose Cross Device. From here you can optimize your synchronization session.
  12. Now, from your smartphone you can link content to Windows 10: web pages, videos from YouTube, personal photos and so on.
  13. Just click on the Share option from your smartphone and then pick ‘continue on PC’.
  14. From the next window select the PC on which you want to share your content.
  15. And that’s all.

Note: the steps from above were tested on an Android powered smartphone, but everything should work similarly on iOS too.

There you go; that’s how you can link your Android / iOS phone to Windows 10.

If you need further explanations, get in touch with our team through the comments field from below – we will then try to assist you as soon as possible.



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