4 best Malayalam typing software that will make it worth your while

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bangla typing software for windows

While Windows comes with built-in support for thousands of languages already, there are still some added functions people look for. Those who are looking for advanced features of a specific language, often have to find different software altogether.

Malayalam is one of the commonly spoken languages that users often find software for. That’s when they need a third-party Malayalam typing software for Windows to speed things up.

English to Malayalam typing software for Windows comes with advanced features like special characters, more fonts, font conversion, and more. We shortlisted some of the best Malayalam typing software programs out of the many that are available online.

Make the best out of Malayalam typing with these software solutions


Keymagic malayalam typing software

Those looking for a high-performance software can easily trust Keymagic as one of the best Malayalam typing software for Windows. It’s an exclusive keyboard with Unicode fonts.

It comes with a variety of Unicode keyboard layouts that can be changed to and from by the users. They can also map or edit the keyboard layout as their custom selected keyboard typing layout setting.

In addition, the program also allows users to administer their completely organized or created keyboard layout. It also enables users to create different types of keyboard layout files with the help of the kEditor.

Price: free

Download Keymagic


Varamozhi malayalam typing software

An English to Malayalam transcription library, Varamozhi can convert Malayalam text between Malayalam and English writings.

As an input, it takes the mapping between a Malayalam font and output functions of the transcription system. It’s basically a group of applications that help the system to read and write Malayalam.

Those who want to write these programs must use transcription and they should be able to type in Manglish that will eventually convert to Malayalam.

It comes with two Malayalam fonts that are installed with the actual program further enhancing your font library. It’s a simple program that allows users to write Manglish on the left side and view the Malayalam translation on the right.

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It’s also available the other way around. However, a Malayalam keyboard is required to view what is being typed or find out by trying and testing. Additionally, it also features a debug console.

Price: free

Use Varamozhi


Typeit! malayalam typing software

Typeit! is a free Malayalam typing software or an editor where the users can type and edit documents in Malayalam.

It provides support for six different Malayalam keyboards that are Inscript (ISM), GIST, Malayalam Typewriter, Panchami, Panchari, and Varityper Phonetic keyboard Layout. It features a simple and easy to use interface and is perfect even for the beginners.

It allows you to change between Malayalam and English fonts by clicking the Caps lock. Users can also change the keyboard layouts conveniently by simply hitting the F4 key for Malayalam keyboard.

Hyphenation is one of its other features that automatically hyphenate the documents. This helps the documents to be exported to other programs, in the right manner.

Those who do not want to use the hyphenation feature can turn it off from the tools menu. Moreover, users can easily export the completed text to other applications in two ways.

They can either copy the typed content and paste it into other applications like Word, PageMaker, etc., or they can save it in RTF format and import the documents to other applications. The Malayalam font is automatically set to ML-TTRevathi.

Additionally, the font size can be modified with the help of SetFont Command from the Format Menu. Best of all, the documents can be converted to Unicode, which is very valuable for those using the internet.

Price: free

Get Typeit!


Inkey malayalam typing software

Inkey is a responsive and easy to use Malayalam typing software that’s based on Mozhi scheme. Once it’s downloaded and installed, users can simply hit the CTRL key twice to switch between Malayalam and English.

The first version of the program was launched in 2008, however, it was available through only a handful of distribution mediums. The second version was released in the year 2015.

Due to a concern raised in the Facebook community in 2015 related to typing issues on Windows 7 and up versions, the Mozhi version came into existence. The Mozhi keyboard is written in Tinker keyboard description language.

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In fact, users can get the source code for the program online at GitHub. Users can also create their custom keyboard by downloading and transforming the Inkey-Mozhi keyboard.

Price: free and open source

Download Inkey

Final Words

Writing in your preferred language can get more than convenient with efficient typing software.

Just make sure that it’s a trusted software that offers all the necessary tools to help you write Malayalam text in different fonts, offers auto-correction based on saved spellings, or the documents are convertible to Unicode.

Check the above list, make your choice, and create amazing content using the best Malayalam typing software for Windows.


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