Microsoft beefs up Azure with new security features

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Microsoft has launched new Azure and Microsoft 365 features in the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California.

The conference focused on the on corporate security. The key speakers spoke about how the industry can empower people and protect user data. 

Rob Lefferts, who is currently Microsoft’s corporate VP of Security stated that the latest tools offered by Microsoft help its partners to overcome security threats.

These options specifically target those partners that have a shortage of talent in the cyber security department.  

New Azure & Microsoft 365 features

1. Threat intelligence-based filtering option

Azure Firewall now supports the threat intelligence-based filtering option. The feature allows the customers to allow to stop website traffic from suspicious IP addresses.

2. Updated Azure Security Center

The attack surface of internet facing virtual machines is reduced by using machine learning in Azure Security Center. Moreover, the support for a type of network configuration, Virtual Network peering is also added in Azure Security Center.

3. Automated investigation & remediation

Microsoft has offered the automated investigation and remediation with Microsoft Threat Protection. It helps the SecOps teams to concentrate on the important high-value tasks such as strategic improvements and proactive hunting.

4. Extended native integration

The native integration between Azure AD conditional access and Microsoft Cloud App Security has been extended by Microsoft now.

The organizations can use the out-of-the box templates for the configuration of the few most popular policies.

5. Enhanced capabilities in Microsoft Office 365

The latest features of Microsoft Office 365 now offer the ability to apply sensitivity labels and right classification. It will be helpful for the email and document authors to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

Although the features are great, let’s wait and hope that the industry really makes use of the newly offered features to facilitate their customers.

Visit Microsoft’s Blog if you are interested in finding out about the latest features offered by Microsoft.



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