Microsoft confirms the discontinuation of Xbox One consoles

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Xbox fans will be sad to learn that the last Xbox One X consoles are now only in retail shops and won't be produced.
  • Microsoft made the move to concentrate on the production of its current lineup.
  • Manufacturing of the consoles stopped sometime in 2020.
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Microsoft’s decision to cease production on the Xbox One X and the all-digital Xbox One S is likely to be viewed as a surprise move, especially considering that both consoles are still widely available at retail and online. 

According to sources familiar with the company, Microsoft is in fact planning to cease production of Xbox One consoles across the board but has yet to make an official statement or announcement.

Microsoft has no plans to launch new Xbox One consoles, and will instead focus on improving its current line-up. 

End of an era

Perhaps the decision to discontinue came after Sony decided to go ahead with manufacturing the PlayStation 4 following a shortage of PS5s.

PS4s were to stop production in 2021 but they had no choice but to meet the demand from a lot of gamers who could not get their hands on the PS5.

We can expect PS4 to take a big chunk of the sales left over from Xbox One. Not that Sony will mind, since it’ll be happy to take any extra sales it can get its hands on. Microsoft’s latest console is still outselling Sony’s, but the latter company is still well and truly in the black.

The more interesting question is what happens to the Xbox One X and S now that they’re no longer being made? Will they both be relegated to second-hand stores and auction sites, or will there still be a demand for them? 

It’s possible that Microsoft could see enough of a market to produce another run of them sometime in the future. Or maybe it’ll just focus on getting people to buy the new, more powerful Xbox One X. We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out – but what a time we live in!

Do you think the Xbox One consoles will be missed once they are phased out? Let us know in the comment section below.