Microsoft Finalizes Windows 10 and Releases it to Manufacturers

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft will finally finish the development of Windows 10 this week! After ten months of testing and numerous preview builds, Microsoft will first release Windows 10 to manufacturers this week, and after that, as you probably know, to regular users, on July 29th.
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For previous versions of Windows RTM process was really big deal, but for Windows 10, just like a lot of other stuff, it was changed. Microsoft is pushing Windows to a “Windows as a service” mode, which means that the operating system will receive new updates regularly, and more than ever. This is exactly why it is believed that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows, and that Microsoft won’t release the new operating system.

Windows chief Terry Meysrson said “We will never be done,” which means that Microsoft will probably focus on updating Windows 10, rather than developing a new operating system. This could be the double-edged sword, because Microsoft won’t take the risk of making another unsuccessful operating system, like it was the case with Vista after XP and Windows 8 after Windows 7, but on the other hand, people might get fed up with Windows 10 and demand a change. Only the time will show us what will be the scenario.

But Microsoft is doing a great job with Windows 10 and its updates, just as a reminder, the company released even 3 builds for Windows 10 Technical Preview last week, with more than 300 bug fixes, which is amazing. And once Windows 10 gets released to the manufacturers, the company will continue to work on final improvements and bug fixes of the system until the release of the final version on July 29th. Members of Windows Insider program will be the first ones to get the new operating system, but some users will receive Windows 10 a couple of days later than others.

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