Microsoft fixes accessibility issues in the latest OneDrive update

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft has updated its OneDrive app for iOS and has fixed several problems with the VoiceOver feature.
  • The update also includes a number of improvements in stability and performance and should resolve many other issues that have plagued users in recent times.
  • The fixes were delivered in version 12.61.1 of the app.

Microsoft has been working hard lately to improve its support for users with disabilities, including providing better accessibility features across its products. 

A number of OneDrive users have reported problems with VoiceOver, but it looks like the latest update fixes them.

Users who rely on VoiceOver to interact with OneDrive in Windows will be happy to know that the cloud storage service has addressed accessibility issues in its latest update.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. You can use it to store photos, documents, and other files you need to access from multiple devices. The app syncs your files between your devices, and you can access them at any time.

OneDrive updates

  • A new update fixes the bugs and VoiceOver now comprehensively reads out dates for folders in the Libraries view.
  • The role assignment for filter buttons that appear when searching for a folder/file has been updated so that VoiceOver correctly announces the control. Previously, VoiceOver only announced the label for the button but did not announce the underlying icon. This was especially problematic if there was no text to describe the icon because then VoiceOver would not announce anything at all.
  • The accessibility tool now seems to work properly and announces the appropriate roles for buttons on a users’ Plan page and on the Libraries page.
  • The latest update improves the VoiceOver feature by making adjustments to icons on the “Sign in” and “Enter password” pages. The update also makes adjustments to the luminosity of the icons on these pages. This adjustment makes it easier for users who are visually impaired to see these icons without any problems.
  • One of the most notable accessibility updates is that content present on the “Sign in” page now appropriately adapts to large text settings.

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app has received its second update of the year. The latest version, which is now available on the App Store, offers a fix for a bug that prevented some users from being able to access their files using VoiceOver.

Have you experienced any issues with OneDrive since the latest update? Let us know in the comment section below.