Microsoft-Qualcomm partnership paves the way for the Surface Phone

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A lot of Microsoft-related news popped up recently all thanks to the WinHEC 2016 event hosted by the tech giant in Shenzen, China. The event showcased a lot of upcoming projects, both old and new, and everyone presented their own version of what the best announcement was. With multiple options to choose from, the debate could go on endlessly. Luckily, we’re not here to do that, but rather take a look at one of the announcements that without a doubt caught the attention of everyone.

Microsoft and Qualcomm have apparently partnered up to provide new tech in the near future, running Windows 10. To be more specific, we’re talking about a new generation of laptop computers powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 which are compatible with Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 835 mobile processor. Tech savvy readers will quickly identify Qualcomm as the world leading manufacturer of processing chips for smartphones and tablets. How do they tie in with Microsoft’s laptop business?

It all comes down to Microsoft’s grand scheme of creating a unified platform for users coming from all background. This has been their concept goal for quite some time now and they are taking another step towards this vision. The Qualcomm Snapdragon powered laptops will not only be super mobile in terms of size and versatility but also a lot less noisy thanks to the reduced fan intensity. Those fearing that this new line will compromise performance for a more mobile form factor can relax as the Snapdragon laptops are promised to bring not only great performance to the table, but also provide gaming support.

While everything sounds great after the initial announcement, it’s going to be some time until the line — scheduled for a 2017 release — will actually hit the market. As we approach release time, more information regarding the devices is bound to emerge.

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