You’ll soon be able to buy Microsoft Store games from Steam

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Microsoft announced its plans to bring Xbox Game Studios games to Steam. The big M wants to offer Xbox Game Pass subscription services to PC gamers as well.

The gaming community appreciated this decision as Microsoft previously offered its popular titles only on the Store.

If we look at the statistics for the last quarter of 2018, Microsoft earned a huge revenue of $4.23 billion from its gaming services.

In the same quarter, the company observed a 19% decline in its hardware sales. More specifically, the tech giant stated that its sales revenue increased by 31%. This increase was powered by high Xbox Live, and Game Pass sales.

Microsoft’s trying to boost game sales

The decline in hardware sales forced Microsoft to rethink about its existing strategy. Microsoft realized it should expand its investment in the gaming industry. Now Microsoft is looking for new means of distribution for its exclusive titles.

Additionally, Microsoft is successfully selling gaming consoles. However, the company failed to impress Windows users with its PC game store.

If we look at Steam, the platform is successfully running its PC game store but experienced a setback in the console industry. Therefore, the collaboration between Microsoft and Stream can be beneficial for both parties.

Gamers are really excited to revive their childhood memories by playing games like Halo game. 

They won me when they announced Halo coming to PC and on Steam, I can finally relive my childhood.

Users are convinced Microsoft has seen the true potential of the gaming industry. If everything goes at this pace, Microsoft will soon become a big game publisher.

They knew they weren’t going to catch up in hardware sales so they shifted gears bringing their games to multiple platforms in a way that gamers had been asking for quite some time.

Gamers are happy to see the recent development and are looking forward to this Steam-Microsoft collaboration.


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