Microsoft Team preview out, first impressions are positive

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The news that Microsoft has been working on a collaboration tool that would rival  services such as Slack hit the internet a while back, and now Microsoft is delivering with the first preview of the software.

While the software is slated to drop sometime during the first few months of 2017, Microsoft has put out this preview version which is available for the general population so everyone can get an idea of what Microsoft Teams is offering and why you should get it.

One of its main advantages is the fact that it comes with seamless integration with other Microsoft services, which leads to a fast and easy collaboration between multiple parties across multiple platforms. Some of the software featured in Teams are Skype, Office 365 and others such as GitHub. Social media is also included, with Twitter being present. Although Slack and other competitors offer the latter services as well, it’s still a plus that Microsoft included them in Teams.

Microsoft Team is promising great team-based work efficiency with the instant message chat available at all times and the ability to call teammates on Skype and clear issues, functions that cater to group needs. And this is only the beginning, as Microsoft says over 150 integrations from different developers will be made available in Teams.

Microsoft further explains the direction they wanted to take with Teams, stating that people could treat it just like any other Office 365 app in terms of security, as the new service will feature all the compliance standards you would expect a Microsoft product to bare, like ISO 27001, HIPAA, Eu Model Clauses or SOC 2.

The first peek into Microsoft’s new project looks promising, but only time can truly tell how efficient or easily adopted it will be in the workplace.



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