Whiteboard for Windows 10 is the latest leaked app from Microsoft

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Inking enthusiasts that wanted more toys to play with on Windows 10 were definitely excited when Microsoft teased the release of a brand dew app called Microsoft Whiteboard. The app, an inking tool, was partially previewed a month ago and promised to be a pretty neat inking experience for Windows 10. However, it would seem that someone was really impatient about the app’s release because they leaked it online.

Great for education

The app is a means for teachers and students to communicate better and interactively participate in projects and demonstrations with the help of the app’s whiteboard. Microsoft Whiteboard is part of Microsoft’s education efforts through which it seeks to strengthen and broaden the relationships between professors and students while also enhancing work efficiency in this environment. This is just a token of the interest that the biggest tech companies have started to show lately towards the education market.

The app comes with a lot of really useful features such as automatic shape completion or angle calculation and equation support. The former lets users draw shapes freely and upon finishing the drawing, the app transforms it into the geometric variant of that shape.

Can be used outside of a classroom

Although the app is great for education, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used outside of a classroom. It can also be a great tool for work and the business environment. It can be used in meetings and brainstorming sessions to bring more depth to discussions and theories. It can help work colleagues collaborate a lot smoother and towards far better results as well.

Not the full version

Even though the app was leaked, Microsoft is still getting the last laugh as it’s just a preview version of Whiteboard, meaning that only a handful of features are actually available. This is pretty important because it denies people the possibility of seeing what Microsoft is preparing ahead of release. They have gotten a taste of what Whiteboard promises, however, possibly creating more anticipation around the app.

Users can still try out the demo

Even though it’s not the full version, this Preview variant of the app is still available for anyone that wants to give it a try. It might help with forming an early impression on what the app can offer. Getting this sort of early access to the real deal might even help boost the app’s popularity ahead of release, meaning that Microsoft might even benefit from the leak.



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