Best mini vacuum laptop coolers to buy [2020 Guide]

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best mini vacuum laptop cooler

Are you an addicted gamer or heavy system user? Does your PC overheat after heavy usage? You might do yourself good by getting a vacuum cooler for your laptop. In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the best mini vacuum laptop coolers out there.

Overheating is one of the most notorious causes of system damage. However, by adapting the service of a vacuum laptop cooler, as a short term solution, one can reduce the operating temperature of their laptops, and mitigate the overheating effects.

There are numerous mini vacuum laptop coolers out there, with varying degrees of durability and reliability.

In light of this, we have compiled for you a list of five best mini vacuum laptop coolers, all of which are available on Amazon. Read on!


Best mini vacuum laptop coolers deals


DoTop Mini Blue LED Vacuum Cooler

DoTop Mini Blue LED Vacuum Cooler best mini vacuum laptop coolerThis is one of the most widely used mini vacuum laptop coolers in the market. It hosts a mini design, with a tiny build of 3.9″ x 3.1″ x 1.2″ dimension, and weighs only 56 grams.

DoTop mini vacuum cooler uses a USB cable to connect to a target laptop or notebook (that needs cooling). Hence, it can be employed as a cooling system on virtually all laptops and notebooks.

Furthermore, it uses a suction vortex system to extract air (heat) from an overheating laptop, And this is optimized by a built-in thermal cycle acceleration function, which facilitates swift airflow/heat release.

Other notable features of DoTop Mini Blue include Rotatable wind position (180O), 24 to 26 dBA (noise value), Heat cycle acceleration, Blue LED decoration and more.

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Exiao Mini Vacuum Laptop Cooler

Exiao Mini Vacuum Laptop Cooler best mini vacuum laptop coolerThis laptop cooler is very similar to DoTop, as it also connects its cooling system to an overheating laptop or notebook via USB. This cooler’s USB connectivity makes it flexible; hence, it is compatible with virtually all known notebook and laptop brands.

Exiao is an ultra-silent vacuum cooler, which is portably designed to facilitate usage and mobility. As such, you can easily attach it to your laptop and take it with you anywhere you go.

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Furthermore, it is fairly easy to use, and it sucks out airflow (heat) in quick time. This makes it one of the most essential tools for online gamers or heavy system users, as it helps them curtail the menace of overheating, which typically occurs after hours of system usage.

Other features of Exiao mini vacuum laptop cooler include USB pass-through, air guide sleeve (4x), environment-friendly (ultra-silent), and more.

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Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler best mini vacuum laptop coolerOpolar LC05 is an advanced laptop cooler that is equipped with a mini vacuum fan, which is basically designed to suck out heat from an overheating laptop. The cooler hosts a flexible design, and it can be used alongside a cooling pad.

Opolar LC05 works perfectly fine with laptops that have the following air vent (hardware) configuration:

  • Side and rear air vent setup.
  • Air vent thickness; from 0.5″ (minimum) to 1.5″ (maximum).
  • Air vent length; from 4.6″ (max.) to 3.3″ (min.).

Any laptop that does not conform with the above-outlined specifications cannot support the LC05 mini vacuum laptop cooler. Hence, some Macbook versions and ultra-slim laptops or notebooks might not function well with LC05.

Key features of Opolar LC05 include Automatic temperature detection, Rapid cooling, Overheating protection, Cold wind mode, 13 wind speed, 2-way installation, 60 dBA (maximum noise level), and much more.

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Brave669 Mini Vacuum Laptop Cooler

Brave669 Mini Vacuum Laptop Cooler best mini vacuum laptop coolerThis mini vacuum laptop cooler is similar in design and operability to DoTop vacuum cooler. However, despite its USB-styled connectivity, it is only suitable for laptops with vertical-striped air vents, with airflow outlet lying perpendicular to the laptop/desktop/notebook.

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Brave669 hosts a portable and lightweight build, with a dimension of 2″ x 0.9″ x 0.5″ (WxDxH) and unit weight of 2.08 ounces. Furthermore, it dons an aesthetically appealing outlook, with a unique blue light (LED) design, which runs in energy-saving mode.

The hardware’s cooling fan has a maximum speed of 3800 +/- 10% RPM and a maximum noise level of 26 dBA. Other notable features of Brave669 mini vacuum laptop cooler include rotatable wind position (180O), adjustable clip, mild noise level (26 dBA max.), and more.

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MBuyNow Laptop Cooler

MBuyNow Laptop Cooler best mini vacuum laptop coolerThis is a 2-in-1 mini vacuum cooler and cooling pad solution, which is designed to optimally serve your cooling needs, with respect to your laptop’s vent configuration. This makes it ideal for virtually all laptop brands.

The 2-in-1 solution hosts a slim and portable build, with a dimension of 15.7″ x 11.2″ x 0.7″, and weight of 2.8lbs. MBuyNow, as a versatile solution, is equipped with an AI-enhanced temperature control system, which automates the cooling process.

Basically, when your laptop’s temperature rises to 40OC, it automatically starts cooling, and when it falls below 38OC, it automatically stops cooling. However, this cooling system is fully flexible/customizable, as you can easily set it to the manual, and control it as you like.

Other notable features of MBuyNow 2-in-1 cooler include Mini Vacuum Cooling Fan, Cooler Pad, Detachable Silencer, and much more.

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Overheating is a notorious downside of most laptops. And irrespective of system specs and configuration, every laptop/notebook is exposed to this menace. This is especially common to heavy users, especially gamers, who spend hours nonstop on their PCs.

To curtail/mitigate the effects of system overheating, several laptop coolers have been developed, and quite a number of them are portably designed, for mobility and convenience of usage. In this article, we have outlined five of the most reliable ones (mini vacuum laptop coolers) for you.

This specific deal is part of our bigger selection of the best laptop deals you can find on the market.

FAQ: Learn more about mini vacuum laptop coolers

  • How can I cool my laptop externally?

If your laptop is affected by overheating issues, these are the most effective ways to cool it down externally: clean out dust specs, use a cooling pad, bring a fan near your laptop to blow some cool breeze over it and put your device to sleep or shut it down completely every 3 hours.

  • How can I prevent my laptop from overheating?

Preventing laptop overheating issues is extremely important if you want to use your device for many years. To avoid overheating problems, do the following: elevate your laptop and clean the fans, optimize fan speed, avoid running multiple resource intensive programs at the same time and don’t keep your device in direct sun light.

  • How does vacuum cooling work?

Once attached to a laptop’s air outlet, a vacuum cooler works by sucking air much faster than your device’s built-in cooling system. This allows you to use your laptop for longer periods of time without any risk of damaging the hardware.

  • Is laptop heating normal?

Laptops generating heat during usage is absolutely normal but overheating is not. Laptops use electricity to run and electrical current creates heat. By design, regular laptops can run safely in environments where the temperature ranges from 50 to 95 degrees F (or 10 – 35 degrees C). To prevent hardware damage, avoid using your laptop in extreme temperatures.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and updated in February 2020 for freshness, and accuracy.