Movavi Fastreel for Windows 10/11 & Mac [Review]

We will be looking over its features and analyze the pros and cons

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Key notes

  • Not all video editors need bulky installation processes for you to benefit from their services.
  • Fastreel from Movavi is one such example, and we will be looking over this online service in great detail.
  • The result will help you decide whether Fastreel is worthy of being your next go-to video editor.

When looking for new software, the average user will always go for whatever is faster, more lightweight, affordable, and feature-rich, so software developers are in a constant arms race to enhance their products.

The same can be said about the video editor market, as they are evolving to have friendlier UIs, an easier learning curve, and, if possible, not require a next-gen PC to run, which isn’t easy given the nature of such software.

Well, today we will be looking over a video editor slightly different from all the others, called Fastreel by Movavi.

What makes this video editor particularly intriguing is that it is 100% a web app, meaning there is nothing to download on your PC.

If we’ve managed to catch your attention, continue reading below about all the features, pros, and cons of Fastreel, and decide for yourself whether it is your next investment in multimedia editing.

Is Fastreel worth it?

Fastreel’s features

A 100% online tool

First and foremost, Fastreel’s best feature is the fact that all of its resources are online, which means that users have nothing to install on their PCs, and access can be done from any updated web browser.

This in itself also eliminates the need for anything resembling system resources, since as long as your PC can run the browser you are accessing Fastreel from, it will run Fastreel smoothly as well.

This feature makes the service accessible to anyone with a stable Internet connection, even if their PCs are considered average or even below.

All the tools that you’d expect from a video editor

Because of the online nature of the service, you’d believe that the video editor is not all that feature-rich since that is the nature of web apps in general.

However, when it comes to sheer editing, Fastreel was a surprise since it had all the tools needed to create online videos, regardless of whether it was something complex like making a slideshow with added audio or simply cropping a video.

The service will not grant you access to a single UI where the tools are accessible. Each feature can be accessed separately, having its UI and workflow.

Here are all the online tools currently available on Fastreel:

  • Create a slideshow
  • Make a video from clips and photos
  • Compress a video
  • Cut a video
  • Crop a video
  • Change video speed
  • Merge videos
  • Mute a video
  • Reverse a video
  • Add music to a video
  • Rotate a video by 180 degrees
  • Resize a video
  • Flip a video vertically or horizontally
  • Loop a video
  • Add text to a video
  • Make a stop-motion clip
  • Add a watermark to protect your videos
  • Make a video collage
  • Make a split-screen video
  • Add filters to change the color palette of your clips
  • Add subtitles

Each tool is accessed separately, and the interface is similar across them all for familiarity when using multiple tools.

If you’re interested in performing multiple tasks on a single video, there’s no need to upload the video, edit it, download it, and then upload it again to use the other tools.

This is all thanks to a feature that saves your work in the cloud, and transitioning from one online tool to another is simply a matter of pushing a button.

Online templates make everything easier

Besides the fact that the service is completely online, another thing that would normally limit the number of customers for a video editor is having a UI that is too cluttered with features and options.

Fastreel eliminates that issue by giving you access to entire libraries of templates to choose from, basically doing half of the job for you, whichever project you are on.

These templates come in the form of built-in transitions, music, and fonts; all you need to do is add your files and change the text.

These templates come in handy when you create job-related projects, vlogs, YouTube tutorials, and even serious content like business videos, and this is all thanks to the wide palette of available templates.

The templates are further organized into categories, so whatever your needs, there is already something there done for you:

  • Marketing and Business
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Festive
  • Love
  • Family
  • Hobby

Is Fastreel affordable?

Not only is Fastreel affordable, they also have a 100% free subscription plan, with the only limitation being that any videos edited and exported will have a watermark on them.

Other than that, any free user can test out all the online tools, templates, and other features that Fastreel as offers without any other kind of limitations, so the free plan is a great stepping stone towards the paid one.

Speaking of paid plans. Movavi’s Fastreel is quite accessible in terms offering:

  • Single Premium – $5.95/Video
  • Unlimited Premium – 19.95/Month or $9.95/Month if you choose to be billed annually.
Movavi Fastreel

Movavi Fastreel

Video editors that are lightweight and accessible to beginners exist, and Fastreel from Movavi is one of them!
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Closing thoughts on Fastreel by Movavi

Very beginner-friendly
A large number of templates
Comes with a free subscription plan
Each online tool has a clean Interface
You can upload photos, videos, and audio to create your movies
The video duration is up to 30 minutes
Your videos are only available for 24 hours

As far as ease of access agoes, Fastreel from Movavi scored the highest marks since it’s rare to be able to use a fully-equipped video editor without actually having to install a fully-equipped video editor.

That being said, if you are looking for a service that will allow you to create fantastic home content for both business and pleasure, Fastreel has everything you need, and it’s only one web browser away.

Have you tried Movavi’s Fastreel yet? Let us know your thoughts about the service by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

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