The Music Maker app pops up in the Windows Store

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Music has seen a lot of changes as technology grew through the years. The more advanced technology got, the easier it became to create music. Sure, artistry, originality, talent and mastery are things that can’t really be replicated by technology, but the process of getting a song done is a lot easier and a lot more people are able to try their hand in making music.

A tool that has been used constantly over the past 20 years is Music Maker. The app has allowed musicians to play around with loops and experiment with all kinds of sounds from different genres of music.

Now, the app is also made available on the Windows Store. In fact, those looking for the app can scoop up the Windows Store Edition of Music Maker Plus, which brings a lot of tools and options to the table. To be more specific, seasoned artists and upcoming talents alike are able to pair and play around with more than 5000 loops or sound clips.

These pertain to all the different genres of music available, ranging from the soul of jazz and rock music to the technicality of techno and dubstep. A wide selection is featured in between, with plenty inspirations for anyone to choose from.


There are many features that are worth mentioning when it comes to Music Maker, such as the ability to edit MIDIs via the MIDI editor that is baked into the app itself.

The Audio Editor makes it a breeze to seamlessly import one’s own recording and clips and start working on them. The fact that the app comes with support for VST3 means that users are able to use some of the latest and greatest plugins to complete their creations and to put the perfect touches on their masterpiece.

In music, just like any other type of art, the finest of touches can make the largest difference. Being able to freely navigate through what seems like endless fine touches gives artists using Music Maker a crucial advantage.

Using instruments

Just because music is composed digitally doesn’t mean that creators have to give up instruments altogether. The app brings forth a rich ensemble of digitally rendered instruments which can be used to compose music on the go. Not all bits of a song have to come from pre-recorded audio, as users have the opportunity to add their own touch in the middle of a recording with the various instruments put at their disposal. The selection includes a wide variety of drums and synths to pianos, samplers and others.

In conclusion, the addition of Music Maker to the Windows Store is an awesome one, and those with a fine ear for music should really give it a go and see if it fits their music making style and process.



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