NetCrunch Tools for Windows helps network administrators perform daily tasks

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The NetCrunch network tools for Windows offer an all-in-one network administration solution with utilities including host ping, tracerouting, wake-on-LAN, DNS query functions, whois, and service scanning that help network administrators carry out their daily tasks.

NetCrunch comes with a set of basic IP tools, scanners, and subnet tools that you can use for network audit operations instead of using the command console. On top of those tools, the program also boasts a modern and intuitive interface that lets you gain access to all the functions with a single click. The tool integrates seamlessly with Windows 10.

NetCrunch Tools features

The Ping function allows you to check any available host or IP address and then estimates the time necessary to transmit a message to a PC in the network. The Traceroute tool, on the other hand, works to retrieve data related to packet transfer delays. You can also read view details about a domain or a DNS server using NetCrunch’s wake-on-LAN, DNS query and whois functions.

The tool also automatically verifies whether hosts in a certain IP range can be reached or not, courtesy of its built-in host scanner. You can search for opened ports in the input IP range as well and verify the status of some network services with the TCP port scanner and the service scanner. NetCrunch also includes a dedicated tool to audit SNMP nodes.

NetCrunch allows you to carry out reverse DNS lookup, identify errors in the DNS setting, and retrieve the MAC addresses for each host in an IP range. With that in mind, NetCrunch collects basic network audit and management tools in a single package, while offering a user-friendly GUI as an alternative to the command prompt.

Network administrators can, therefore, conduct simple tasks such as verifying whether a host is reachable or checking the status of network services and ports. The tool is available to download from Adrem Software.



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