Netscape Browser: Is It Still Available In 2024?

Find out the latest news about this classic browser

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Key notes

  • Netscape was one of the first web browsers, and it was a dominant web browser in the ’90s.
  • The browser lost its popularity over the years, leaving many to wonder if it's still available.
  • A good web browser is one of the best ways to keep your PC safe, and to learn more about it.
  • If you’re interested in web browsers, then you must visit our Browsers Hub for more articles.
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In the early days of the Internet, Netscape was the most popular browser on the market, but that has since changed.

Is Netscape still available, and what are some of the features that the Netscape browser had? In this article, we’ll try to answer those questions.

What is Netscape?

Netscape Communications Corporation, formerly known as Mosaic Communications Corporation, was an American independent computer services company

Its creation, the Netscape web browser, was once dominant but lost to Internet Explorer and other competitors in what was called the first browser war. 

An early Netscape employee also created the JavaScript programming language, the most widely used language for client-side scripting of web pages, while another created HTTP cookies.

Is the Netscape browser still available?

To provide a short yet accurate answer, Netscape was discontinued and support for all Netscape browsers and client products was terminated on March 1, 2008.

So, if you were looking for any Netscape browser download links, you better give up now, as this chapter has been closed a long time ago.

Quick Tip:

While it’s possible to download Netscape from third-party sources, the browser is out of date and vulnerable to malware, so it’s better to use a secure browser such as Opera One.

Regarding your safety, the browser has tracking protection that will block tracking scripts and cookies and make your pages load faster. There’s also a free unlimited VPN available.

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What should I know about the Netscape browser?

Netscape browser history

The first version of Netscape Navigator was released at the end of 1995, and it soon became the most popular web browser on the market.

There were nine major versions of Netscape available, and the latest version was released in October 2007.

During its development, Netscape had a code name Mozilla, and some of its source code was eventually used to create a spin-off browser called Firefox.

Netscape lost most of its market share in 2002 to Internet Explorer, and in March 2008 it was officially discontinued.

What were the features of the early Netscape browser?

netscape browser features

Netscape was available free of charge for non-commercial use which was unusual at the time, and it’s one of the main reasons why Netscape gained such popularity.

Unlike other browsers at the time that had to download the entire page before displaying it, Netscape showed graphics and text as the website loaded.

This was a revolutionary feature, especially in the era of low Internet speeds and dial-up Internet.

The early version also had support for cookies, proxies, frames, and JavaScript in version 2. As for availability, Netscape was available on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and OS/2.

Netscape was the dominant browser in the ’90s, but now it’s almost completely forgotten. Have you ever used Netscape? Let us know in the comments below.

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