What’s New in Windows 8.1

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windows 8.1 update new

We all thought that Microsoft was going to name the first update to Windows 8 “Blue”, but apparently things are different. The first official update has been dubbed simple, Windows 8.1, and the announcement has been made today. It might seem like a small update to some, but once you’ll get a closer look at the things Microsoft will change, you’ll realize this is actually going to have a big impact and will, perhaps, make consumers give Window 8 the love it deserves.

Announced on Windows’ corporate blog, the Windows 8.1 update comes to solve frustrations amongst users and to make things right. Microsoft has announced that this is only a preview, but a working link has yet to be provided. Without further ado, let’s have a close look at all the things that Microsoft plans to change in Windows 8 with the 8.1 update.

Windows 8.1 – Microsoft wants to make things right

windows 8.1 what's new

Just as expected, Windows 8 remains touch oriented, as it was thought from the very beginning. Probably the most talked about feature will be the Start button, which has been so missed by consumers all over the world. Windows 8.1 has also brought significant changes to its Search, Multitasking and Lockscreen features. To make it much easier for readers, we’re going to group the most important changes according to the Windows team and briefly describe them.

Personalization & User Interface in Windows 8.1

  • The improved lock screen functionality now allows to take Skype calls, make pictures even if the PC is locked
  • New large and small live tiles as animated icons that will appear on the Start Screen
  • The Weather tile now covers 3 cities and 3 days of forecast
  • Apps will automatically be pinned to the Start Screen
  • Start Screen background will now include motion pictures
  • Snap View which lets you control how much of the screen a certain app should use
  • The Start button is back, but not the Start menu

Search in Windows 8.1

  • The Search future has been seriously revamped, mixing search results from your computer with those from the web, powered by Bing, of course. All of this is done a nice and appealing manner. So, if you’ll search for, say, Bee Gees, it will make a resume of the info it found online and also let you listen to their songs.

Apps, Windows Store, SkyDrive & Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1

  • SkyDrive is becoming more embedded inside Windows 8, so you will be able to browse all the files available on your computer, as well as on your cloud storage, even when offline.
  • All the core Windows 8 apps will receive significant updates
  • Improvements coming to the Windows Store, meaning that finding new and specific apps will no longer be a hussle
  • Internet Explorer will arrive with Windows 8.1, bringing faster browsing speeds and increase support for touch

PC Settings + Other Improvents in Windows 8.1

  • When the future version of Windows Phone will be released, it will allow users to sync it with Windows 8. So, you will be able to resume on your phone where you left off on your PC
  • Reading list function in the Share Charm that will work as a bookmarks list
  • The Camera app will include full panoramic support
  • The ability to change PC settings without having to go to the Control Panel


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