Next Windows 10 Insider build comes in 2017

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The Windows 10 Insider program allows people to sign up and be part of the testing experience that takes place before an update is rolled out to the public version of the operating system.

Microsoft takes its Insider program seriously and has released an abundance of updates over the months. Looking at the pattern established by the Windows 10 build releases, it seemed like Microsoft was aiming towards a weekly release schedule. This was the case for the majority of the program with a couple of instances where the Windows developer skipped a launch day. When that sort of thing happens, it is usually due to an inconsistency in the release content Microsoft wishes to fix before putting out the build.

The same thing has happened now: Microsoft is holding off on releasing a bad patch close to Christmas, preferring to postpone the next update release for another day. Microsoft is trying to compensate for the lack of a new build for the Fast Ring of the Insider program by releasing a Slow Ring update in the form of an ISO. The update is downloadable and intricate in terms of new additions, including both features and changes.

Unfortunately, for those waiting on a new Fast Ring update, that won’t be happening in 2016. We are less than a month away from 2017 and with it come new updates for the various services Microsoft offers. Users will be able to see the new Insider build which will more than likely compensate for being late with new features that will please the crowds. We will just have to wait and see if Microsoft prepares any other last minute patches.



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