NHL18 bugs: game crashes, ‘Failed to retrieve data’ errors, and more

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NHL18 bugs

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If you’re an ice hockey fan, then NHL18 is the perfect game for you. This fast paced game will challenge your hockey skills and creativity, as well as your patience.

NHL18 was only recently launched but gamers already encountered quite a few bugs that are limiting the overall gaming experience quality.

NHL18 reported issues

No commentary sound

Sports competitions are incomplete without commentators. Unfortunately, NHL18 is affected by an annoying bug that blocks commentary sound. Here’s how one user describes this problem:

I don’t get any commentating when playing the game through my stereo. But, it works on my headset. Unplugging the headset dongle from the Xbox does not fix this issue. Can I get some feedback on this issue please? Only commentating doesn’t work. All other game sounds are fine.

NHL18 crashes

Gamers also report that NHL18 sometimes crashes on loading screen. As a result, they can’t even properly launch the game and dive into the action.

The game crashes when going through load screens often.

Black screen issues

If you’ve experienced black screen issues while playing NHL18, you’re not the only one. It appears that this issue occurs mainly when users try to open the Xbox One guide.

If I’m playing NHL 18 and I accidentally open my Xbox One guide, the screen will just go black and the game will crash 15 seconds later. It’s happened to me 5 times today and it happens EVERY time the guide button gets pressed. I’m pretty worked up.

Error: Failed to retrieve data

The “Failed to retrieve data” error is an old error code that has been affecting NHL since its initial release date. Well, it appears that this error is here to stay.

Can’t believe it’s still there after 4 years. So I tried to play against my buddy and when I pressed to launch the game it writes failed to retrieve data code error blablabla with numbers and stuff. Twice in a row. […] Menu errors are probably what the most frustrating thing about this game. I finally decided to play away and it worked. Pffff

No rewards for co-op challenges

Many gamers complain that NHL18 won’t grant them any rewards after playing co-op challenges. The good news is that rewards are available in individual challenges.

tried co-op challenges with a friend just to see how it works, and to see if both players complete the challenge, or just the host.
Three stars were delivered to the host only, but neither of us received the coins for the challenge. Could a dev let us know how the rewards are supposed to work?

These are the most frequent NHL18 issues affecting gamers. If you’ve encountered any other issues, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.



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