30 Best Non-Flash Browser Games That You Can Play In 2024

The games on this list are free to play and don't require any downloads

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Key notes

  • Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player at the end of 2020.
  • Most browser games that were once supported using Adobe Flash Player switched to HTML5.
  • Use Opera GX browser for the best in-browsing gaming experience.
Feature image for non-Flash browser games.

Since Adobe pulled the plug on Flash Player at the end of 2020, a lot of browser games have also retired. Adobe Flash Player supported many popular browser games, so users were devastated to hear that their favorite games would no longer be supported.

Luckily HTML5 has stepped up to the plate to support some of the best browser games. Keep reading for our list of the best non-Flash browser games for you to try.

Is there any way to play Flash games after 2020?

Flash was shut down in 2020. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera One, and all major browsers stopped supporting this technology as well. As a result, there is no way to play Flash games on the browser after 2020.

However, some independent developers have been maintaining software where you can play such old games if you want. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint software is one of them. By using this software, you can not only access flash content but also can play games without Adobe Flash.

What is the best browser for non-Flash browser games?

We recommend the Opera GX gaming browser. This browser caters to gamers with unique features like GX Control and extensive customization options to give the browser a gamey feel. It also includes the GX Corner, where users can stay up to date on gaming news.

GXC browser game hub for Opera GX.

The GX Corner will also give game recommendations for all platforms. Opera GX also has access to GXC, a gaming platform created by Opera GX and GameMaker Studio 2. GXC not only allows users to play games but also to create their own.

Games on GXC are optimized for Opera GX and thus can only be played using the gaming browser.

Opera GX

Explore the games on GXC using the Opera GX browser.

What are the best non-Flash browser games?

Catan Universe – Best game to play with friends

Catan Universe non-flash browser game.

Catan Universe is the digital version of the beloved board game. Users can play Catan in-browser or download it. There is a single-player option in which users play with computer AI or a multiplayer version that allows users to play with friends.

The game is set up in the same format as the board game, so anyone who has played Catan before can easily get the hang of Catan Universe.

Play Catan Universe

PAC-MAN – The best nostalgic choice

PAC-MAN browser game.

This rendition of the iconic PAC-MAN is exactly like the original that we all know and love. It is one of the best non-flash browser games. No downloading or registration is needed to play this nostalgic game. Users can choose between PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, and Cookie-Man.


Wordle – Great choice for word-puzzle lovers

Wordle puzzle game.

Wordle is a popular puzzle game owned by The New York Times and has a new word every day. However, users can play with unlimited words on the official wordle website.

The objective is simple: Players have six chances to guess the five-letter word. As you guess, the game will indicate which letters are in the word.

This game is one of the perfect non-flash games for school. It is very ideal for the students.

Play Wordle

A Dark Room – The best minimal mystery game

A Dark Room.

A Dark Room is a minimalistic story-based adventure game. This is perfect for those who love mysteries and suspense. Users choose between prompts to create a mysterious story that slowly unfolds. Try out A Dark Room and see what story you can create.

Play A Dark Room

Slither.io – Most addicting


Slither.io is a simple yet addicting game. Users play as snake-like creatures with the goal of collecting glowing orbs to grow.

There is a real-time leader board in the top right corner that shows who has the highest score. To stay in the game, users must avoid running into other players, which is trickier than it sounds!

Play Slither.io

Isleward – Best pixel graphics

Isleward browser game.

This multiplayer roguelike game is nothing short of impressive. The graphics give users a retro feel with a 2d pixelated world to explore. The mechanics of the game are a little more complex, but it’s easy to learn and highly addictive.

Users can level up, complete quests, and upgrade their gear as they progress in the game. There are various challenges and leaderboards, so users stay engaged with the game.

Play Isleward

Frogger Classic – Most addicting nostalgic game

Frogger classic game.

Another nostalgic game brought to your browser, Frogger is a classic, addicting game that will keep you entertained for hours. Use the arrow keys to get Frogger across the road and river to safety by avoiding cars and sinking turtles.

Play Frogger Classic

Dogfight Night – Coolest game soundtrack

Dogfight Night GXC game.

This shooter game from GXC is highly addictive with arcade-like graphics. Users can choose between Reika or Sakura as the pilot. The controls are simple, and the game is easy to get the hang of.

The objective is to survive through each wave and shoot down as many jets as possible. Try it out and see how long you can last!

Play Dogfight Night

GeoGuessr – Best travel game


GeoGuessr is a fun and addictive game that promotes learning. Users are dropped in a random real-world location generated by Google Maps, and they have to guess where they are depending on their surroundings. This game is perfect for those who want to work on their geography skills.

Users can compete against other players or friends, or they can even host their own quiz. There is a free trial but to continue to play users must subscribe to a pro membership.

Play GeoGuessr

Klondike: The Lost Expedition – Great for building a complex world

Klondike: The Lost Expedition non-flash browser game.

This game will keep players occupied for hours on end with an extensive storyline and plenty of tasks. Players can build a farm, complete quests, and go on expeditions. As users progress and level up, they can earn achievements and collectibles. Users can also add friends and visit their farms.

Play Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Biolab Disaster – Perfect for beginners

Biolab Disaster HTML5 game.

This platform game was one of the first HTML5 games and runs seamlessly on Opera One. Players must make their way through a lab infested with creatures.

The controls are simple and straightforward. It’s a quick game that doesn’t require a ton of skill or time to get through, but it is still thoroughly enjoyable.

Play Biolab Disaster

Mars Tomorrow – Most in-depth space game

Mars Tomorrow.

Mars Tomorrow is a free-to-play simulator where players need to make Mars habitable to save human civilization. Users can build their colonies by adding buildings and upgrading tools.

There is a lot to do in this game so there is a learning curve, but if you’re a fan of space simulator games then putting in the effort is worth it.

Play Mars Tomorrow

Fallen London – Best roleplaying game

Fallen London HTML5 game.

Fallen London is a story-based browser game set in an alternate Victorian-era London. As users progress, they unlock different locations and storylines to explore. Players are given choices that affect how the game progresses.

This came is far more involved and complex than typical text-based story games, so there is a learning curve, but you can learn as you play.

Play Fallen London

BrowserQuest – Best multiplayer RPG


This HTML5 game is a popular multiplayer roleplaying game published by Mozilla. Users can interact with others using the chat feature and work together to defeat powerful enemies. As users progress, they can unlock achievements and collect armor and loot from enemies.

Play BrowserQuest

SPECT – Most challenging shooter game

SPECT HTML5 browser game.

SPECT is a fun space shooter browser game where users use the arrow keys to dodge oncoming asteroids and fire missiles to destroy enemy ships. As the player progresses, the game gets more difficult. Try SPECT to see how long you can last!


The Wiki Game – Best speed game

The Wiki Game.

The Wiki Game (or Wikipedia Game) is a challenging speed game using Wikipedia pages. Users are up against other random players and start the same Wikipedia page.

Users are given a target article that they must get to by clicking the intext links in the article to navigate to the goal Wikipedia page. Whoever gets to the target article page with the fewest clicks in the amount of time given wins the round.

Play the Wiki Game

Townscaper – Most creative choice for city-building


Townscaper is a city-building game for users to unleash their creativity. Players can customize the color, size, and location of buildings as they expand their seaside town. The full version of Townscaper is available on Steam, but the demo version can be played right from your browser.

Play Townscaper

Nitro Type – Best skill-building game

Nitro Type browser game.

If you’re looking for a game that helps you improve a skill while playing, look no further. Nitro Type is a racing game where their speed is controlled by typing sentences correctly. This game is often used as a teaching tool for classes all over the world.

Users earn points and titles and can even customize their cars. Players are also put up against real-world users and can add them as friends.

Play Nitro Type

Entanglement – Most addicting puzzle game


If you prefer calming puzzle games, then Entanglement is perfect for you. The objective is to create the longest path by connecting lines using the tiles. The tiles are randomly generated each round. There are also different templates users can get.

Play Entanglement

Tetris.com – The original puzzle game

Official Tetris game.

While there are plenty of different variations and versions of Tetris, nothing beats the original. Luckily, the Tetris Company offers a free browser game for users on their official website. It’s nothing fancy, but it is addicting. Use the arrow keys or mouse to play and try to beat your high score!

Play Tetris

Quick, Draw – Best drawing game

Quick, Draw non-flash game.

If you’re more artistic, then Quick, Draw will keep you occupied. Users are given an object, and they must draw it in under 20 seconds for an AI to guess. If the AI guesses correctly based on the drawing, then the user wins.

Play Quick, Draw

2048 – Best game for math-lovers

2048 puzzle game.

2048 is a simple addition-based game that’s perfect for those who enjoy puzzles. Users use the arrow keys to move the numbered tiles. Tiles with the same number merge to form the sum of both. Play until you reach 2048 or until there is no more room on the board.

This non-flash game on cool math definitely is worth your time. You will not need to use a special device or VPN to unblock this game.

Play 2048

247 Mahjong – Great pick for new players

247 Mahjong browser game.

Mahjong is one of the oldest board games to exist, and there are a ton of versions of it online. We picked 247 Mahjong because it’s simple and offers several templates with different difficulties.

247 Mahjong is perfect for new players as it can provide hints and more experienced players who are looking for more of a challenge.

Play 247 Mahjong

10 Bullets – Best simple shooter game

10 Bullets HTML5 game.

10 Bullets is a shooting game that requires patience and perfect timing. Users are given 10 bullets to shoot now as many enemy ships as possible. If hit at the right moment, a chain reaction will occur and destroy multiple ships at once. How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?

Play 10 Bullets

HexGL – Most addicting racing game

HexGL non-flash browser game.

HexGL is a futuristic racing game built using HTML5. Users race using the arrow keys and must avoid hitting the walls or they will take damage. Complete three laps as quickly as possible to get a high score. If users take too much damage then the ship will be destroyed and players will need to try again.

Play HexGL

Fruita Crush – Best matching game

Fruita Crush.

The objective of Fruita Crush is to complete the level using a limited number of moves. Users play the game by matching 3 fruits of the same type to get points. There are special fruits that have certain abilities to help win the level.

Fruita Crush can be found on most popular game host websites and is also available for Android and iOS.

Play Fruita Crush

Solitaire – Perfect for new and experienced players

Solitaire game.

Whether you need a quick break or to be occupied for hours, everyone loves a good solitaire game. Solitaire is free and doesn’t require any sign-up to play. Users can choose between turn 1 and turn 3 and if players get stuck, there is a hint button.

Solitare also allows users to customize their cards and board to their liking. If users want to play with friends, there is a new multiplayer feature.

Play Solitaire

Moto X3M – Best platform racing game

Moto X3M HTML5 game.

Moto X3M is a platform racing game where users try to make it through the obstacles as fast as they can without crashing. There are different levels with their own challenges to get through. Users can also exchange points to customize their bikes.

Play Moto X3M

Line Rider – Most creative drawing game

Line Rider browser game.

Line Rider is another game for those who like to draw. Users must draw lines to create a path for the sledder to ride on. With simulated physics, the sledder will either speed up or slow down depending on the path you draw.

Play Line Rider

QWOP – Funniest game

QWOP game.

In QWOP, users control an athlete using the Q, W, O, and P keys. This hilarious game quickly became a meme because of the ragdoll state of the athlete and the difficulty of the controls.

Players use the keys to get the athlete to go as far as possible without falling over, which is a lot harder than it sounds.


What is replacing Flash Player?

Technically, Adobe Flash technology has already been replaced by HTML5. After 2015, all browsers started supporting this technology by default. In 2020, Adobe discontinued the flash player. There are a lot of HTML5 games and content available which are similar to better than flash content.

The HTML5 technology is already well established. As a result, we are seeing a lot of non-flash games, including action and adventure games, etc. We can even see many cool websites like Neopets, a non-flash virtual pet website.

If you still need to play flash games or other content, you can consider using Lightspark, BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint, etc. These are taking the place of Adobe Flash player to give you the experience of the old days.

What sites still use Flash Player?

It’s very hard to find the websites that are still using or offering flash content and game. After doing some research, we have found a few of them. Here are these sites:

  1. Addictinggames.Com
  2. Armorgames.Com
  3. Bestflashgames.com
  4. Games.co.id

We hope you enjoyed our top 30 picks for non-Flash browser games. Whether you enjoy racing games or puzzle games, there is something for you on this list. HTML5 has allowed some of our favorite browser games to live on after the death of Adobe Flash Player.

Let us know in the comments which non-Flash browser game is your favorite!

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