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  • Microsoft is making some major improvements to the share dialog experience across its Microsoft 365 suite.
  • There will be a much quicker way to grant permissions to users, and also granting editing or viewing permissions.
  • The tech giant also introduces a more efficient way to manage the files you share, by introducing the Manage Access setting.
  • This article gives you a full rundown of all the new features coming to the 365 Office app suite, in the near future.
Office 365 new sharing experience

In an announcement made yesterday, Microsoft stated that it will be making quite a few improvements to the share dialog experience across its Microsoft 365 suite apps, in the near future.

The company also said that they’ve also been busy gathering feedback on exactly how users collaborate to improve the experience of managing access permissions, as well as sharing content with other users.

So, it seems that over 2022, we will see gradually introduced updates to its services across all platforms, while they will most lileky continue to rely on feedback for a better experience.

Quicker permissions and link settings will be introduced

There will be a much quicker way to grant permissions to users, thanks to a more intuitive and discoverable drop-down menu, that will allow you to choose between granting editing or viewing permissions.

A more complete range of options can be accessed via the Link settings choice, in the dropdown, which will allow users to tweak link types and sharing permissions, such as limiting sharing only to users in the organization.

Note that quick permissions, as well as Link settings are now available to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint users.

There also some improvements coming to the Copy link feature, which will allow users to generate a shareable link for documents, starting with November 2021, according to the 365 roadmap announcement.

For the moment, changing edit permissions after generating a link requires a total recreation of the document link, fact that is soon about to change.

Thus, the copy link dialog will now have a footer link for permissions, that will allow users to change access, and edit permissions.

By performing these actions, you will automatically generate a new link and allow users to easily copy those links for sharing.

An improved way to how you manage the files you share

Soon, the Shared with list, at the bottom of the dialog box, will provide you with an overall view of the number of users a document is shared with.

Once this option is clicked, you can navigate to the Manage Access settings, to further modify access permissions.

For a more efficient way of administrate, the Manage Access dialog will also be receiving a few updates which offer you additional controls for how recipients access files you’ve shared.

The Manage Access improvements are also expected to make it to OneDrive in November 2021.

Microsoft announces improvements across all 365 applications

The giant tech company is bringing these improvements to the Share dropdown menu across all the Microsoft 365 suite of apps such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more.

So, later this year, the dropdown will provide a contextual menu with relevant share targets to share the document, such as via email or through Teams, making it easier to quickly send across files.

We are excited to see what new and ingenious ways Microsoft will come up with, in order to improve productivity and, also, make these interfaces even more user friendly.

Are you happy with the new ideas for the 365 suite? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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