You can Now Watch YouTube Videos Inside the OneNote App for Windows 10

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Microsoft has updated the OneNote app for Windows 10 users with a couple of new features, upgrading it from the older version 17.6568.15821.0 to 17.6741.18061.0. There are quite a new options which made it into the app, and we’re loving them so far!

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Back in November, the Office team released an update to OneNote Online, which is the desktop client for Windows users, enabling the embedding of YouTube and other videos directly inside the app. Now this feature, along with others, has made it into the official OneNote app found on the Windows Store.

OneNote app for Windows 10 gets new features

The update sits in at a size of almost 30 megabytes, which, when it comes to Windows Store updates, can be considered a medium to big update. It’s now possible to play your favorite videos from YouTube, TED, Office Mix, and more in OneNote. You simply need to paste the link into a note and it will then become available to play.

onenote app windows 10 youtube

We were able to play videos from Vimeo and Dailymotion, as well, and everything was pretty smooth. You can easily drag around the video, and place it where it allows you to continue working on OneNote. It’s a great feature and if you’re using OneNote, you definitely need to check it out.

Furthermore, you can also insert your own interactive web story with Sway and then embed it in your notes by pasting a link. This works just as seamlessly as the videos. Once you’ve embedded it, you can make it fullscreen, share it or change its navigation layout. Some nice features here, and I’m sure you Sway users will appreciate them.

onenote insert sway app windows 10

Other new features which have been released allow users to perform a right-click one a selection of handwritten notes or drawings to group them together. This then allows you to move them around as a single unit. Furthermore, it’s now possible to see who’s working with you in a shared notebook.

All in all, these are some nice features which are meant to make OneNote and even more centralized place for all of your needs. It’s slowly becoming not just an app for notetaking but for some real work.


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