OneNote App for Windows 10 Updated, but Many Users aren’t Satisfied

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OneNote has seen frequent updates and with the release of Windows 10, it has undergone a significant revamp. However, according to user feedback, many are still complaining and aren’t happy.
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Microsoft has recently released yet another update for the OneNote app for Windows 10, and by the looks of it, it isn’t a major one, as there hasn’t been any details in the changelog.

OneNote for Windows 10 gets fixes, but complaints remain

Most likely, this is one update that brings bug fixes and stability improvements. However, when looking at the feedback coming from users, it seems that many of them consider that the Windows 10 upgrade has brought some unwanted changes.

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Here are just some of the messages:

OneNote changed for the worst since upgrading to Windows 10. The select wheel (the best part of OneNote) was trashed in favor of a less fluid way to change pens, colors, etc. Hopefully it’ll be just a matter of getting used to this new version, but at first glance, a definite downgrade

And here’s another one:

First of all, the best feature of the OneNote app was removed. The circular pop-up pen selector was perhaps the most convenient and useful tool in OneNote when taking notes using a stylus. Now, you can’t even choose the pen thickness (not even in the menu bar up top), and there is no pop-up selector menu to speak of. Additionally, the app constantly has performance issues, and will often crash or cause my computer to restart. Sometimes, I can no longer scroll with my finger on the current page (it’s not a touchscreen issue, because I can scroll through the list pages on the sidebar just fine). No longer a well-designed app that I can depend on for taking notes. Microsoft, take a hint from the 245 one-star ratings out of 645 total ratings (not to mention there are 380 total people who rated this three stars or below), and fix this app.

What about you, have you experienced problems with OneNote after the Windows 10 update or you think things have actually improved? Leave your comment below and let us.

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