Opera vs Kiwi Browser: Which is The Best Mobile Browser?

The battle of the best Chromium-based browser for Android

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Key notes

  • Opera is a veteran in the browser industry with different versions across different platforms.
  • Kiwi is an Android-based browser that allows you to use Chrome desktop extensions on mobile.
  • This comparison between the two browsers will show the strong points of each browser and their suitability for users’ needs.
opera vs kiwi browser
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Opera and Kiwi are among the best Chromium-based browsers known for searing browsing speed. They pack in many features that make them fit the bill as ideal modern-day browsers.

Opera is a household name that has been at the forefront of a series of developments in the browser industry. In fact, many features that have become the norms today in browsers were championed by Opera.

Kiwi Browser is no slouch either, with unique features that set it apart. It is a typical mobile browser that prioritizes speed and minimal resources usage over other features.

In this guide, we will pit these two browsers against one another on various features and characteristics to show the ideal one for your needs.

Is Kiwi Browser the same as Chrome?

Kiwi is an open-source browser for Android based on the Chromium engine. It shares a similar interface and features with Chrome.

However, they are distinctively different. Kiwi Browser boasts a lot of security features, including a built-in ad blocker. Also, it is the only mobile browser that allows users to use extensions from the Chrome Web Store, among other differences.

Check our Kiwi vs Chrome comparison for a detailed comparison between the two browsers.

What is the difference between Opera Mobile and Opera Mini?

The Opera mobile browser is one of the best cross-platform compatible browsers available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It allows you to sync your data across multiple devices and packs in many features irrespective of the device.

On the other hand, Opera Mini is a lightweight browser built for speed and saving data. It lacks some of the advanced Opera features like a built-in VPN and crypto wallet. And it is only available on Android devices.

Check out our full Opera vs Opera Mini guide to know more about the difference between these two browsers.


Check out the compatibility for multiple platforms this browser provides, and test its reliability.

Opera vs Kiwi browser: Which one should you choose?

➡ Interface and design

Opera has an intuitive and eye-catching interface. The design is simple in the eye but packs in many features that make your browsing easy.

opera interface vs kiwi browser

This easy-to-use interface is fully customizable. You can customize the fonts and colors as you want. Though it is not at the desktop version’s level, it misses some features like the sidebar that further enhances the ease of use.

kiwi browser homepage vs opera

Kiwi browser also incorporates a simple yet fully customizable interface. One of its endearing features is its stunning night mode that allows users to enjoy a rare dark theme.

Also, the address bar can be moved to the bottom for easy access, especially if you are using only one hand. Lastly, it has a swipe support feature that allows you to perform a series of activities by just swiping your phone in any direction.

➡ Speed

Kiwi boasts an incredible page loading speed thanks to its well-optimized rendering engine. Whether you are loading news feed pages or video-related pages, it loads everything as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Opera is synonymous with speed. Its mobile version is especially lightweight and loads up pages pretty fast. Like most Chromium-based browsers, it does not lag irrespective of the site you are loading. In fact, some users see Opera as the best browser for video streaming on Android.

➡ Supported Platforms

Kiwi Browser is not in the same league as Opera when it comes to supported platforms.

Kiwi browser is only available for Android devices. On the other hand, Opera is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad, and that is just talking about mobile devices only.

On PCs, it is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also, it has more than just one mobile version. Opera Mini and Opera Touch are available on Android devices only.

Kiwi browser is indeed not a match for Opera in this comparison aspect.

➡ Features

– Adblocker

Opera comes with a built-in ad blocker that eliminates unnecessary ads during your browsing sessions. The ad blocker is usually turned off by default, but you can easily activate it in the settings.

opera ad blocker vs kiwi browser

The Opera built-in adblocker has three default filter lists. These lists are frequently upgraded with some rules that will help detect and block banners, trackers, and ads automatically.

One important filter list is the NoCoin filter, specifically for security against cryptocurrency miners that might want to use your phone’s resources for mining. You can add more filter lists if you need more protection.

Kiwi browser is also not a pushover in the ad blocker space. It incorporates a powerful Ad and Pop-blocker that eliminates even the most stubborn ad.

kiwi ad blocker vs opera

It is worth noting that the Kiwi browser is credited to be the first Android browser to incorporate the filter mentioned above that stops hackers from using your phone’s resources to mine cryptocurrency.


With the continuous monitoring and tracking of users’ data online, having a VPN is more important than ever.

opera vpn

Opera has a free VPN that allows you to traverse the internet without getting noticed. It protects you from tracking and keeps your identity hidden.

Furthermore, it allows you to access location-restricted resources. Unlike some paid VPN services with devices limitations, you can use the Opera VPN on unlimited devices.

This is because it requires no login or any personal data to function. Hence, it is regarded as one of the best free VPNs available.

Kiwi browser has no built-in VPN. If you ever feel the need to use a VPN with this browser, you will need to get a paid VPN or other free VPNs.

➡ Integrations and extensions

Kiwi browser is the only mobile browser that allows you to use extensions from the Chrome web store on mobile. This sets it apart from all other mobile browsers and will enable you to enjoy some of your desktop chrome features on Android.

kiwi extension

Opera is on an island of its own when it comes to extensions and integrations. Its integration spans various fields, from social media to instant messaging platforms to file editors.

opera extension

You only need to install it to know the full extent of the integrations you can get on it.

➡ Syncing

Syncing is another strong point of Opera, thanks to its vast number of supported platforms. You can sync important data such as bookmarks, history, and passwords across various devices.

Kiwi Browser, on the other hand, has no syncing feature. It only allows you to import and export your browsing data across different browsers.

➡ Privacy and Security

Opera is a pretty secure browser. It has sandboxing security characteristics that prevent website codes from getting to other parts of your devices.

opera privacy and security

The aforementioned ad blocker and VPN features keep you anonymous on the internet and protect you against fraud and trackers.

Lastly, it features fraud and malware protections that continuously block malicious sites and hackers.

Kiwi browser is also one of the most secure mobile phone browsers available. Its ad blocker plays an important role in fending off hackers and intruders.

kiwi privacy and security

Its incognito mode also helps against tracking and doesn’t save your browsing data upon exit.

Is the Kiwi Browser spyware?

Kiwi Browser is known to be a safe and secure Android browser. However, some developers have shown concern about some lines in the source code that seems to redirect search on Yahoo and Bing search engines through their servers.

With this, Kiwi might be able to track what users are searching for on the internet. However, the general opinion about the browser still remains that it is safe to use.

➡ Opera vs Kiwi browser: Final verdict

An Opera vs Kiwi Browser comparison can only be limited to Android devices. This is due to the latter’s compatibility with just one platform.

While Kiwi Browser is a stunning mobile browser, especially in terms of browsing speed and privacy, it is still no match for Opera in its overall qualities.

From integrations and extensions that can make or mar users’ browsing experience to syncing ability for easy access on various devices, the Kiwi Browser has a long way to go to catch up with Opera.

But as mentioned earlier, it is still a nice browser for simplicity, speed, and security.

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