PC goes to sleep while streaming video [QUICK GUIDE]

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pc goes to sleep while streaming video

The streaming community seems to be blooming nowadays, but some users reported that the PC goes to sleep while streaming video.

Apparently, the PC goes in Sleep Mode, leaving the streamers unable to track their stream status. This can be a big problem since you’ll have to wake up your PC and start your stream again.


We managed to come up with a guide on fixing this issue, so let’s get started.

How to stop the PC from going to sleep while streaming?

1. Change Power settings

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Select View by Large icons > click Power Options.
    power options control panel pc goes to sleep while streaming video
  3. Select Change when the computer sleeps on the left pane.
    change when the computer sleeps pc goes to sleep while streaming video
  4. Before going into the advanced power settings, make sure to have Turn off display and Put the computer to sleep set to Never.
  5. Then select Change advanced power settings.
    change settings for the plan change when the computer sleeps
  6. Scroll down to Multimedia settings and click the plus sign in order to expand the settings.
  7. Expand When sharing media > change the setting to Prevent idling to sleep > click OK.

multimedia settings pc goes to sleep while streaming video

Your PC goes to sleep automatically? Fix that with these simple tools!

2. Prevent Windows from sleeping in UMS

  1. Open Universal Media Server software.
  2. Navigate to General Configuration tab in UMS.
  3. Then you need to check the box next to Prevent Windows from sleeping, under the Advanced HTTP and system settings and you should be good to go.

general configuration prevent windows from sleeping pc goes to sleep while streaming videoWe hope that our quick guide helped you fix the problem with streaming videos and sleep mode.

As you can see, this problem is quite easy to fix, and you just need to adjust your power settings and prevent your PC from going to sleep. If you liked this article, leave a comment in the comment section below.


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