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by Milan Stanojevic
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There are many reasons for which you might have to get a detailed description of both the hardware and software components of your Windows 10 PC.

If you have the appropriate experience, you could obviously check the computer components on your own, by taking off your PCs case. Even in this situation, you would need to do specific research on all specifications for each part of your computer.

This type of software is called ‘system information tools‘ and it is specifically built to allow you to get detailed information about how your system is running, temperatures, and also simplifies the process of finding any possible issues with your hardware.

This type of tools can also come in very handy if you want to see if the specifications of a game would match your PC‘s capabilities, or in case you want to buy new hardware, and need to know details about the architecture of the previously used parts.

Because the manual technique we mentioned above isn’t effective at all, and also because it is only destined for people with advanced technical skills.

In this article, we will explore some of the best software options found on the market that can help you gather all the information you need about your system.

Hustle-free tools to check out Windows 10 PC specifications


Speccy - hardware specifications software

Speccy is one of the best system information tools found on the market. This software has a great looking and intuitive user-interface.

You can easily check on the details of your computer’s hardware by just simply running the program, and wait for the results to come in. Once you start this software up, it will automatically start scanning your PC for hardware specifications.

The information included in the reports of Speccy, include the type and version of the operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard brand and model, the type and processing speed of your graphics card, optical drives, audio hardware, network connection, and also storage devices (both internal and external drives).

One added benefit of using Speccy is the easy way to navigate through the components tree. This allows you to have a quick overview of the state of your system, and it can also give you reports about the temperature of your CPU, motherboard, and also hard drives.

Belarc Advisor

Belarc - hardware specs software

Belarc Advisor comes in very close to the previous software option we discussed in this article. Even though Belarc isn’t as detailed as the other options we presented in this top, it still gives you a good range of reports regarding hardware configuration and other important information.

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Belarc also has the power to show you detailed reports about software that is installed on your PC, local network details, and also any hard-drives available (both internal and external).

One of the best features of Belarc is its ability to show you all the product keys of the software you bought a license for. (Windows activation key, Microsoft Office, etc.)

You can also use Belarc Advisor to get a list of all the security updates that your version of Windows doesn’t already have. Beyond this, this software can also show you all the installed hotfixes, the frequency of usage for specific programs, and also version details for Microsoft products.

After the scan is completed, Belarc Advisor will automatically open up a new web browser page (using your default internet browser), on which you will get a full list of all the details produced from the scan.

Download Belarc


HWiNFO - system specs software

HWiNFO is another great software option that allows you to find out any information about the hardware and software installed on your PC. This software can show you detailed information about your computer’s CPU, motherboard, monitor, audio setup, network, etc.

This software also allows you to monitor both the average and current rates/speeds of your memory, HDD, and also CPU. It also has the ability to run a benchmark in order to test these items.

All the features found in HWiNFO can also be extended by using the official plugins available on the official site, and you can also have a look at the HWiNFO forum.

Download HWiNFO

Free PC Audit

Free PC Audit - system specs apps

As the name suggests, this software is completely free to use and offers you the possibility to easily find out what software and hardware your PC is running.

You can see detailed information about your computer’s motherboard, memory, printers, shows you the Windows product key and ID, a list of installed software, the processes your computer is running at that time, etc.

After the report is generated, you can simply export it into a simple text file, so you can have the information available to you whenever you need it. This software’s small size also allows you to copy it on a USB drive, and use it a portable system specification audit on any PC.

Download Free PC Audit

Everest Home Edition

Everest Home Edition - system specs app

Everest Home Edition is another useful free tool that allows you to get detailed information about your system, works very fast, and automatically sorts out the results in 9 categories. This allows you to move around the software fast, and easily check the scan’s details.

This software scans the motherboard, network, storage devices, display, and after the scan is completed, it can generate an HTML report with the results.

Even though this tool can offer you some information, it is on the low end of the spectrum compared to the other software options we presented in this article.

Download Everest Home Edition from Softpedia


In this article, we explored some of the best software options that allow you to stay informed about the status of your hardware, model names, and versions, and have an overview over the entire architecture of your PC.

Please feel free to tell us your opinion about the software we presented in this article, by using the comment section below.