PeaUtils helps you calculate hashes, merge files, delete documents and more

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Although Explorer serves as the default file manager for Windows users, the program lacks many features you might need at some point. If you need a suite of file management tools that include checksum and hash tools, file splitter and merger, file and folder analysis, or hex data preview, PeaUtils has your back.

Developed by the same author that created PeaZip, PeaUtils covers portions of the file management functions that let you split and merge files, calculate hashes of various types, and delete sensitive documents.

Checksum calculator

PeaUtils’ checksum calculator supports multiple algorithms. You can view all the functions of PeaUtils through a drop-down menu which displays them in separate windows. This approach helps you use the application in an intuitive way and access the program’s functions.

The tool allows you to calculate various checksums all at once. It supports different kinds of hashes, including CRC32 and CRC64, MD5, Ripemd160, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA3-256. PeaUtils can calculate only the common algorithms if a single hash type is not your sole concern.

Split, merger, and analyze files

PeaUtils also works to analyze, split, and join files or folders to identify important details such as file size, new attributes, date of the last changes, and the directory content. The app also lets you view the potential compression rate and save this information in a TXT or a CSV format.

With PeaUtils, you can also split large files stored on your computer. On the other hand, the app lets you merge spanned files.

Wipe data

Another function of the app is the ability to compare files byte-to-byte and wipe data. This helps you see the differences between folders or files and permanently delete sensitive information.

While the tool includes a suite of helpful functions, they can be hard to organize as PeaUtils bundles them all in a single drop-down menu. Also, displaying the results of various actions in separate windows might cause a bit of inconvenience to users, not to mention that it can clutter your screen. PeaUtils is available to download from the PeaZip website.


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