Picfinity Brings 500px to Windows 8, Windows 10

John Nedelcu By: John Nedelcu
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Photographers and photo enthusiasts that work on Windows 10, Windows 8 have a few drawbacks. At this time, there are still some very important services missing from Windows 10, Windows 8, and while Instagram can be somewhat replaced with Metrogram, there are still many more missing. One such popular image service is 500px, which is used by thousands.

Even though the official 500px app is not yet available, users who use this service regularly can still benefit from its services by using another service: Picfinity. What Picfinity does is it brings 500px to Windows 10, Windows 8, and anyone can use it as they would the web service.

How good is Picfinity?

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Right off the back, I can tell you that Picfinity is one of the best photography apps I’ve seen in quite a while. It comes closest to the service it tries to provide than pretty much any other app and it does it with style. Everything comes together in harmony creating a perfect environment to view photos and all of this while not compromising performance.

After you install Picfinity, the first menu you see when you open the app is the Popular photos, and by scrolling to the right, you can see other categories, such as Upcoming, Editor’s Choice and many others. Also, you have the possibility to open each category and browse photos from it.

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For an even easier transition between categories, you can select which category you want to view from the drop-down menu at the top right corner. Also here, you have your Log In button which opens a window with the 500px login page. Before the page is opened, you will see a notification prompting you to use the username/password log in method, as the Facebook or Twitter methods are not working currently. Also, probably the only thing I didn’t like about the app is the tiny browser window that only shows half of the 500px page.

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Maybe in the future, with the next updates, these problems will be sorted out and we’ll have an app that pretty much has it all. Also, after you log in to your 500px account, you can view your profile and upload photos by clicking on your avatar. On the profile page, you will see your info as well as your photos and an upload button. Uploading is fairly simple: you use the default file explorer to find your photos and then you add all the info to the photos. When you are done, you can upload them by right clicking anywhere and selecting “Upload” from the bottom menu.

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Users can also search whiting the app using the Search charm from the Windows 8, Windows 10 OS. Also, when they open a photo, by right clicking they reveal all the options they have at their disposal: Like, Set as Lock Screen Photo, Purchase Photo, Add to Favorites, Comment, Show Details, Return to Home or Start a Slide Show. While most of these options are usable within the app, if you decide to buy a photo, it will forward you to the 500px website.

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The possibility to add any photo as your lock screen is pretty awesome, allowing users to customize their Windows 8, Windows 10 devices as they please. However, for those of you who are more technical, the Show Details feature might be of more use, as it shows all the information about the photo (Camera, Shutter Speed, Aperture etc).

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After testing the app and playing around with its features, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it works. Picfinity provides all the possible features that a regular user might want. The functioning of the app fluent and fast, making it a perfect tool for every photography lover.

Download Picfinity for Windows 10, Windows 8


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